Lena Epstein Named Co-Chair Of The Trump Michigan Campaign



Lena Epstein

The Trump-Pence campaign has added Bloomfield Hills native Lena Epstein as a co-chair for the Trump Michigan Campaign.

Epstein, 35, is a longtime Republican activist, including roles ranging from precinct delegate and fundraiser to chairing the Oakland County Lincoln Day Dinner and serving as a TV and radio political pundit. She is also a third-generation co-owner and general manager of Southfield-based Vesco Oil Corporation, a family-owned distributor of automotive and industrial lubricants and supporting services. Vesco Oil is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and has more than 200 employees and revenue exceeding $175 million.

“I was in the Trump camp from the very beginning because he represents a change from the status quo; an outsider with real business experience and success who is frank and honest with the American people,” said Epstein. “I am excited to recruit fellow millenials, the Jewish community and the women of Michigan to demonstrate that their futures and economic prosperity lie with Trump and the GOP.”

Epstein also serves on numerous community boards including the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Detroit Historical Society, Temple Beth El of Bloomfield Township, the Jewish Community Center, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, Kadima and the Detroit Jewish News Foundation.

She also was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to the Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board. Epstein has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be an American,” she said, “and I invite all members of our Jewish community to actively engage in this presidential debate.”

Lena Epstein
Lena Epstein 09.13.2016

Thank you so much to the world's greatest husband!

John McCulloch
John McCulloch 09.13.2016

Congrats Lena! The Trump-Pence campaign is blessed to have you at the helm.

Douglas K. Mac Lean Sr.
Douglas K. Mac Lean Sr. 09.13.2016

Go Lena I know you will get the job done.Doug

Danielle LaHood
Danielle LaHood 09.13.2016

I am so excited and thrilled to have been sent this article!! I greatly appreciate your active role in supporting the Republican Party. I really hope you can create a movement among the Jewish community.

Marsha McKinley
Marsha McKinley 09.18.2016

Good work on Flashpoint, you were the only moral person there, except possibly Devin Scillian!

gene 10.14.2016

Maybe if we had open borders in 1940 there would be a lot more jews alive today

Yotam Medini
Yotam Medini 10.14.2016

What 'real business experience'. All based on fortune he inherited,
misleading and using loop-holes of bankruptcy laws
and exploiting Trump-university naive students.

Obama did a great job recovering from the economic mess of 2008.

Henry pinskier
Henry pinskier 10.15.2016

How embarrassing that a smart talented young Jewish woman cannot differentiate between the need of business and the complexitites'of government and its role in a complex society and world let alone understand how morally bankrupt Trump is. Trump has played people fools. He has no values other than himself, he cares about nothing other than himself. He has made no social contribution - Tikkun Olam - repair of the world. How on earth could any sensible Jewish person look up to,him.