Quick Click … From the William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History, Sept. 22, 2016



djn-2005-09-22-0-025Time sure passes swiftly, just like Mom told me it would as I got older. After cruising the William Davidson Digital Archive this week, I came across some stories in the Sept. 22, 2005, issue of the JN that made me suddenly realize that it has been 11 years since Hurricane Katrina landed on the southern shores of America in August 2005 and devastated New Orleans and other cities near the Mexican Gulf coast. The result was a national disaster.

There are several great stories in this issue of the JN about the Detroit Jewish community’s efforts to help those who suffered in the aftermath of Katrina, but two stood out. First, Dr. Howard Klausner of Southfield was part of a 35-member Disaster Medical Assistance Team from Michigan that worked with FEMA. Klaussner, who specialized in emergency medicine, spent many days and nights working in portable hospitals assisting those that Katrina left wounded.

I also very much liked the story of the “Kids for Katrina.” As part of the national “Project Yalkut,” children from all classes at the Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit stuffed 200 backpacks with school supplies for needy kids in Houston, Texas. Talk about a heartwarming story!

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