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djn-1988-05-20-0-055Since the 1950s, every generation grows up with a different set of childhood television entertainers and influencers. Early pioneers were Howdy Doody and The Mickey Mouse Club. Power Rangers and Powerpuff Girls or Scooby-Doo and Pokemon and a host of other cartoons and kid shows followed these.

Locally, we had Milky the Clown, Johnny Ginger, Captain Jolly or Sir Graves Ghastly. But, to those of my generation, the king of shows was Lunch with Soupy Sales.

OK, I am indeed dating myself, or worse, speaking about a wasted youth. I also spent time reading MAD magazine and comic books instead of War and Peace.

But, the best time was coming home from school and eating lunch with Soupy, and White Fang and Black Tooth (yes, that is correct — almost everyone in my elementary school walked home for lunch!). I mean, who took a whipped cream pie in the face better than Soupy? And there were those inside jokes for Mom and Dad.

I’m being nostalgic because this week, while cruising the William Davidson Digital Archive, I ran across an article on Soupy Sales in the May 20, 1988, issue of the JN. It is an article saying that the Jewish comedian actually had a serious side. Soupy Sales serious?  Say it isn’t so! (It is, however, an interesting read.)

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By Mike Smith, DJN Foundation Archivist


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