Oren Goldenberg
Oren Goldenberg
Oren Goldenberg

The Onus Chain is a trilogy of music videos by Detroit emcee/poet, Mic Write, exploring fear rooted in racial oppression, and how to transmute that fear into power.

On Nov. 4, join Mic Write and directors Oren Goldenberg & Ben Friedman for the premiere of The Onus Chain at Assemble Sound. Chace Morris (Mic Write) is a Kresge Literary Fellow, Knight Arts Challenge Recipient, Detroit Institute of Arts Alain Locke Award Recipient and member of renowned rap group, Cold Men Young. 

In 2015, Mic Write debuted You’re Coming With Me, a performance exploring gentrification in Detroit. He continues his work with a lyrical investigation into the personal toll of police brutality. Always dealing in solutions, Mic Write uses Onus Chain as a three-song arc to explore how he can alchemize the fear he feels into power. 

the-onus-chainDirector Oren Goldenberg isn’t shy about why he collaborated with Mic Write. “Beside the fact that Chace is mind-numbingly talented — it’s about amplifying the voices of artists of color. We need to make sure this work is heard to create necessary conversations and demand change.” 

Assemble Sound, a church converted into a residency program for Detroit musicians, is the ideal sanctuary to host the Onus Chain Premiere. The night’s events include a screening of the music video trilogy, a live Mic Write performance and a community dialogue on wielding art as a tool to shift injustice. 

Artists, music fans, thinkers, activists and change-agents should come and engage in the music and share raw and openly. It starts Nov. 4, 7-9 p.m. at Assemble Sound, 2300 17th Street, Detroit.

Bring the energy. The anger. The joy. The ghosts. The fire. Be ready to release them all. Amplify our collective power into an undeniable force —One Nation Under Squad. 

Visit https://www.onuschain.com for more information.

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