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djn-1952-04-11-0_003One always wonders if there has been real progress in the world. I would argue, yes, we have made real progress. Think of the advances in medicine or telecommunications or the fact that there has been a State of Israel for nearly 70 years or that women have been able to vote since 1920. These are just a few of the signs of significant and historical progress.

But, do you want real evidence of progress? I found indisputable proof in the April 11, 1952, issue of the Jewish News, in an advertisement from the Hadley Finsterwald Department stores.

Hadley Finsterwald was a small department store chain in Downtown Detroit, Redford and Wyandotte. In a great bargain for 1952, it offered a state-of-the art, large 20-inch screen, black-and-white Motorola TV for a mere $249.95!

The TV came in a mahogany cabinet with “Good Neighbor” shielding (to prevent interference with the television set next door), and the store would be happy to give you a home demonstration.

Sounds like a great deal … until one realizes that $250 in 1952 would be well over $2,000 in 2016. For $250 today, one can get a 30-inch or better color, flat-screen television. Now, this is progress.

Yes, I know. Open-heart surgery or antibiotics are important innovations, but cheap TVs are hard to beat!

One other point regarding progress — according to other articles in the JN, Hadley Finsterwald Department Stores were among the first in Detroit to hire African Americans in all departments of its operations.

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By Mike Smith
Detroit Jewish News
Foundation Archivist

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