Updated Chanukah Wonderland Returns To Orchard Mall



Last year’s Chanukah Wonderland

Chanukah Wonderland, now in its eighth year, will open to the public Dec. 21-26 at Orchard Mall, bringing fun-filled crafts, activities, holiday foods and pure Chanukah joy to young and old alike.

The Wonderland will include familiar crowd-favorites such as the world’s biggest dreidel-shaped moon-bounce, a hands-on olive making demonstration, doughnut and latke-making and a Chanukah Tot Town, plus exciting new opportunities such as design a Chanukah T-shirt, holiday movie corner, Chanukah game show and plenty more for the entire family. In total, there are some 30 entertaining and fun-filled activities and crafts to enjoy.

A 10-foot can-menorah (or CANorah) will be on display at the Wonderland. All are encouraged to bring along canned food when visiting Chanukah Wonderland to help build this unique menorah, which contributed close to 400 lbs. of food to the hungry last year.

Highlights of Chanukah Wonderland include Wednesday night’s Children’s Chanukah-themed yoga and Chef Cari’s food truck. On Sunday, Home Depot representatives will be on hand for a workshop at which children will learn to build their own wooden crafts.

The grand finale will take place on Monday, Dec. 26, at 5 p.m. Titled “Unite to Ignite,” the evening will feature the Chicago Boys Acrobatz and the CANorah-lighting celebration. There will be latkes, doughnuts and Milk and Honey-catered soups.

At the event, winners of the JN Art Chanukah Art contest will be announced and their awards distributed. There is no charge to attend the Monday night festivities.

“Our goal at the Chanukah Wonderland is for people to celebrate and share in the joys of their Jewish heritage and traditions,” said Rabbi Shneur Silberberg, outreach director at the Sara and Morris Tugman Bais Chabad Torah Center

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen and heard too much divisive behavior and rhetoric recently,” he added. “Let’s take this opportunity to come together to celebrate a holiday that celebrates the victory of good over evil and emphasizes our ability to bring light to the darkness.”

Chanukah Wonderland also offers a fascinating educational experience. Every half hour, there will be an olive press demonstration. Children can watch olives be pressed into oil while hearing the Chanukah story, which culminated in the kindling of the olive oil-filled menorah in the Temple.

The cost of admission to Chanukah Wonderland is $5. There is no charge for Monday night’s grand finale festivities.

Chanukah Wonderland is presented by the Bais Chabad Torah Center in partnership with the Orchard Mall and Kroger and with the help of numerous sponsors and donors.

For more information, visit www.ChanukahWonderlandMI.com or contact Rabbi Shneur Silberberg at rabbishneur@baischabad.com or (248) 207-5513.

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