Good friends Bill Berman and Lisa Soble Siegmann

 I met Bill through our passion for Jewish family education, which he funded so generously throughout the years. But I had the privilege of calling him a dear friend to me and my family. When my children were born, he was there. At their b’nai mitzvot, he came. When my father-in-law died, he checked in.

Good friends Bill Berman and Lisa Soble Siegmann

Bill always made me laugh — and what a huge laugh (and smile) he had.

“Are you coming to hear me speak, Lisa? You have to come — not for my brilliant words — no, come for the Kiddush lunch after! Oh yeah, I got the good lox – the Nova!”

Bill loved dill pickles and had them in his office a lot. One day he told me about how his father used to make them in a big vat, and how he loved them. So, I told him that my dad made them, but in jars. So, I brought him a jar at the end of last summer, with instructions to open in the sink. Later that day, I got a call from him that he had opened the jar — which I can’t even do! — at his desk, and there was pickle juice everywhere. Could I please buy him a new desk — and perhaps bring over some air freshener?

How I loved and adored “my” Bill. How I will miss him.

Lisa Soble-Siegmann is director of Federation’s JFamily