Good-bye Marvelous Marvin



Marvin Yagoda, founder of the popular Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, died Sunday, Jan. 8. He was a pied piper who drew kids and families into his crowded museum to play games, win tickets and turn them into prizes — and to be fascinated by the new and historic arcade games he collected and loved. More than half-a-million visitors walked through his museum that featured 600 machines and exhibits, 6,000 signs, posters and games,including dance machines, fortune teller,airplanes, music machines, kiddy rides,photo machines and video machines.

His funeral will be Thursday, Jan. 12, at Dorfman Chapel. Look for a JN obituary Jan. 19. and please share your memories in our comments section.

In the meantime, we unearthed some stories about Marvin in the Detroit Jewish News Foundation’s Davidson Digital Archive for all to enjoy.

Carl 01.10.2017

A very sad day. He will be missed. He was a nice guy. I remember going there when I was younger.