Brooke Miller

Brooke Samson Miller, 36, of Berkley is a licensed psychotherapist, entrepreneur and owner of Honey Space for moms + moms-to-be, which supports moms in Metro Detroit, including those suffering from postpartum depression. It also offers childcare, a co-working space for moms as well as sells safe skin and body products for pregnant women. Recently, a Honey beauty bar was added so moms can enjoy salon services while using the on-site childcare. In addition to specialty yoga and birth/lactation services, Brooke has also built an online community called “mamahive” to support moms and find solace and help in her groups. Brooke and her team have also donated hundreds of meals to moms around Metro Detroit. Brooke and the team she has built embody love and support for all families and a sense of responsibility — a mission — to serve families. In Jewish tradition, women deserve a space to heal and support one another. Brooke has built Honey to provide exactly that. She and her team have also supported Jewish families through J-Baby birth classes at the Jewish Federation.