Marshall Symons

Marshall Symons, 34, of Detroit is a social entrepreneur, and co-owner and operator of a fleet of bicycle taxis at Motor City Pedicab. Marshall rode his bike from San Francisco to Detroit in 2010 to optimize opportunity in a city in transition. He initiated the transformation of a blighted neighborhood into a goal-oriented community that thrives on one another’s commitment and exchange of ideas. Taking ideas from the bicycle co-op he founded, he founded his own pedicab company in 2013. He is now a transportainment staple in the Downtown area, giving rides to all kinds of people while sharing his wisdom and excitement for the city. Marshall is an active member of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue and takes strength in the friendships formed there. He also works very closely with the Detroit City Moishe House, planning and participating in events and discussions relevant to the Jewish community in Metro Detroit.