Noam Kimelma

Noam Kimelman, 30, of Detroit is a social entrepreneur and owner at Fresh Corner Cafe. “Let all who are hungry come and eat” is a phrase familiar to Jews at the Passover seder. Noam embraces the Jewish commitment to food justice by providing access to nutritious food and education on its preparation. Before nearly anyone else did, he noticed that many Detroit residents were doing most of their grocery shopping at nearby small markets and gas stations throughout the city. Noam opened Fresh Corner Cafe to bring fresh and healthy produce to customers at the various locations. His other business, Detroit Food Academy, teaches cooking to youth in the city, emphasizing the benefits of using healthier food. Noam regularly gives of his time and money in service to charitable organizations and projects in Detroit. He was among the young adults who brought about the revival of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, where he remains an active lay leader.