Oren Goldenberg

Oren Goldenberg, 33, of Detroit is a visual artist and filmmaker. His company, Cass Corridor Films, focuses on how video intersects with contemporary art and culture, producing feature films, installations, music videos, commercials and documentaries. He was honored with a 2013 Kresge Fellowship in Visual Arts and, in 2016, with the Bernard L. Maas Award. Oren began making films in Detroit circa 2003. Since then, he has created and maintains a successful business, bought a home and organizes within his Detroit community. He has been stabilizing and revitalizing the historic Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue (IADS) as an active board member, spearheading financial campaigns to save the formerly struggling synagogue, creating programs and rituals such as the infamous IADS dance party and Simchat Torah celebration, and leading services. Oren innovates, leads and inspires with his warm, outreaching presence and command of an audience. His work, whether in shul or in the arts, focuses on rituals of healing and catharsis. He is also the co-owner of Sector 7-G recordings, an experimental dance music label, and a board member at Make Art Work, the nonprofit that solves complex societal problems by using art and participation as a mechanism to create local ownership and long-term systemic change.


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