Zack Sklar

Zack Sklar, 30, of Bloomfield Hills, owner of Peas & Carrots Hospitality and Cutting Edge Cuisine, is a noted restaurateur. At age 30, Zack has approximately 500 employees in his organization. Zack also volunteers with the nonprofit group Heart 2 Hart Detroit that serves the homeless in Detroit three days a week. He and his staff prepare and serve soup and chili to the homeless each week. He speaks to his staff passionately about the tragedy of hunger and homelessness, and his vision and leadership have changed the lives of many people on the streets. He regularly hosts events and fundraisers at his venues to help the homeless, all at his own expense. He’s also a generous supporter of JVS, the Oakland County Humane Society, Bissell Pet Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art. He has also been a generous giver to AIPAC and JVS, and has worked with his temple for many years.