A second-floor deck features a pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and heated floors
Guests at the grand opening congregate in the second-floor community lounge

A stunning glass fireplace cast a warm glow; there was live music, food and drinks, and cozy furniture to sit on — but a steady stream of guests kept wandering outside on a 19-degree December night for the breathtaking view.

The second-floor deck of The Scott at Brush Park on Woodward Avenue features a stainless-steel swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, fire pit and heated floors against the backdrop of Midtown Detroit.

Back inside, guests took tours of furnished and unfurnished studios as well as one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments (199 units in all), a lobby, lounge, fitness facilities and more.

“The ‘wow factor’ will blow people away,” said Todd Sachse, whose company Sachse Construction built the five-story building from the ground up. “There’s nothing like this in Detroit; there are very few places like this in the Midwest.

Developers Todd Sachse, CEO, Sachse Construction; Lee Hurwitz, chief investment officer, Broder & Sachse Real Estate; and Richard Broder, CEO, Broder & Sachse Real Estate



“I think when people come down here they’re going to realize this is real — what’s happening in Detroit is real. It’s not just what you read in the paper. You have to see it, feel it, and you’ll believe it.”

Sachse developed the $65 million project with business partner Richard Broder. Groundbreaking took place in July 2015. Now, tenants are moving in. Eight studio apartments are already leased with dozens more units of varying sizes going fast. Starting prices range from $949 to $2,765 a month. The apartments are 450 to 1,380 square feet.

Who’s moving in?

“We’ve got millennials, empty nesters, young couples, professionals,” Broder says. “The diversity of people here is exciting.”

A second-floor deck features a pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen
and heated floors

Amenities include a 24-hour concierge service, dry cleaning delivery, washers and dryers in every unit, stations for pet grooming, and bicycle parking, storage and repairs. There is a fourth-floor conference room called “The Center,” a fifth-floor library and reading room known as “The Stacks,” and a private underground parking garage.

The decor includes artwork by Detroit-based artists like Joseph Konert, whose striped paintings pop with color. The first floor of the building features 15,000 square feet of retail space.

“It’s really exciting and gratifying to see a crowd hanging out at our new place,” Broder said.

Robin Schwartz  Contributing Writer

The Scott at Brush Park is located at 3150 Woodward Ave. For details, visit thescottdetroit.com or call (313) 818-3703.

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