For those of us who enjoy venturing to the movies now and then, ordering a bag of buttery popcorn or grabbing a favorite chocolate bar might be an essential part of this routine.

At the Emagine theater in downtown Birmingham, visitors can expect more than just your average snack foods and soft drinks.

As of this January, there is yet another entertainment factor for movie goers — a casual eatery on the fourth floor of the iconic Palladium Building.

Appropriately named Four Story Burger, this new spot resulted from endless brainstorming sessions between Emagine’s owner Paul Glantz, Jon Goldstein of the Maple and Riviera theaters, and the one-and-only Annabel Cohen, local caterer extraordinaire and now executive chef at Four Story Burger.

After stepping off the elevator and walking inside, I couldn’t help but notice the restaurant’s title scrawled across the ceiling in white neon lights.

Renowned architects Ron Rea and Roman Bonislawski were in charge of Four Story Burger’s interior, filling the walls with old-time movie posters and memorabilia for even more visual entertainment. But whether you’re a movie buff or not, this spot has plenty to offer.

Annabel Cohen built a solid menu that’s easy to navigate and full of juicy burgers, tempting sides and even some healthier sandwiches and a create-your-own-salad bar.

“One facet of the menu is that it’s very simple,” Cohen says.

And it’s true — it doesn’t get much better than chowing down on a meaty burger piled high with glazed onions, gooey cheddar, and crisp lettuce and tomato, with a side of homemade pickles.

Cohen is especially excited about featuring her favorite crave-worthy sauces, which she uses often in catering recipes. Her grainy mustard and white horseradish rendition pairs exceptionally well with the grilled chicken breast sandwich, while the green goddess dressing is divine atop the grilled salmon.

Annabel Cohen

I could barely put my chopsticks down while indulging in the Thai-chili cauliflower side dish, which is served in an Asian-style to-go box. Not too spicy and lightly fried, it makes a perfect movie snack.

While it’s easy to fill up on the savory items, Annabel’s fudgy brownie is a must for dessert lovers and is even accompanied by a mini custard shake.

Whether you dine table-side or in front of the big screen, there’s no denying that Four Story Burger brings an extra thrill to the downtown Birmingham dining scene.

Four Story Burger
Hours: Monday-Sunday
11 a.m.-11 p.m.
209 Hamilton Row, Birmingham