Front page from JN April 28, 2016 - Soviet Emigration

This week, you will find a new feature on the Detroit Jewish News Foundation’s website ( “Top Stories” replaces the “Special Features” button at the top of the site. Previously, there was a story on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rabbi Morris Adler — a tragic affair, but a “Top Story” nonetheless. Today, we added another important story to this new feature.

Front page from JN April 28, 2016 – Soviet Emigration

It is the story of Soviet Jewish emigration to the United States, Michigan and Detroit. The JN published an article on the 25th anniversary of Operation Exodus on April 28, 2016, but this story has deep roots and a long history. Indeed, one can find reports about the plight of Soviet Jews in the earliest issues of the JN and the Jewish Chronicle in the William Davidson Digital Archive.

There are stories about the impact of World War II on Jews in the Soviet Union, the efforts they made to come to the United States, the support they received from Detroit’s and Michigan’s Jewish communities, and how they resettled in this area. The whole wave of emigration made for great stories.

To get started, just click on the “Top Stories” page. There you will see a reprint of the 2016 JN Operation Exodus story as well as a folder with selected pages from past issues of the JN.

Most important, you will have an opportunity to add your personal memories to the historical record via the written word or through audio and video submissions. Your input will then become part of the Foundation’s archives of Jewish Detroit.

Look for many more “Top Stories” coming this year as we begin to celebrate the JN’s 75th anniversary in March. We hope you will like the stories and will contribute your personal stories to the site.

Mike Smith,
Detroit Jewish News Foundation


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