Mutilated Rottweiler mix - Baron

The Michigan Humane Society received an alert from a concerned citizen who saw a severely wounded dog. Investigators found the Rottweiler mix and took it to the organization’s Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit.

However, concerned citizens for animal cruelty have started a Go Fund Me page to raise enough money to get someone to turn in the cruel and sadistic animal abuser who did this to Baron, whose nose and ears had been viciously removed. He was also discovered with lacerations to his tail and back legs, according to the Humane Society who has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who committed this crime.

Mutilated Rottweiler mix – Baron

Someone must know who committed vicious on a poor defenseless dog. The Go Fund Me initiative is to enlarge the reward to spur someone to help get this person off the street and in jail.

​Leslye Golding of Birmingham, ​ a concerned citizen who has volunteered for years at the Michigan Humane Society, had to do something. She asked her friend and fellow and owner of Skinny Tees to lend a hand.​ Skinny Tees is supporting a GoFundMe page which is offering a reward for anyone that can provide information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the crime. Today and tomorrow, Feb. 14-15, when you make a $20 donation to the cause, you’ll get a free basic black Skinny Tee tank top, a $34 value.

One hundred percent of the money raised will go to this reward. If a person or persons are apprehended without the assistance of a tip; or if the abuser(s) are not found in the next 12 months, then all funds raised will go to MHS (Michigan Humane Society), DDR (Detroit Dog Rescue) and MARL (Michigan Animal Rescue League).

From Feb. 20-28, an anonymous donor will match funds up to $10,000.


Anyone with information is also asked to call the Humane Society hotline at
(313) 872-3401.

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  1. Sad thing to happen. Don’t enforce this though. We know once it’s proven that two Muslim boys did this, you will let it go and claim they didn’t mean it.

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