Pop-up Dinner at Cuisine in New Center, Detroit



Chef Kim Ryan

Cuisine Restaurant will be featuring a pop-up dinner on March 12, featuring TV personalities from Hell’s Kitchen.  This special dinner features Chef Paul Grosz, Barrett Beyer (Season 11), Jared Bobkin (Season 15), Christine Hazel (Season 14), Hassan Musselmani (Season 15), and Kim Ryan (Winner of Season 16).  Chef Kim Ryan, who won the most recent Season 16, is a Michigan native from Traverse City.

There will be two seatings – the first seating will take place at 5:00 PM and the second seating at 8:00 PM.  Cuisine Restaurant is located at 670 Lothrop Rd, Detroit, MI, 48202.  Wine packages will be available for purchase on site, and a cash bar is also available.  Tickets can be purchased at http://m.bpt.me/event/2866284 or on the Facebook event page, “A Cold Day in Hell.”

“We can’t wait for this dinner! We are so excited to get together all being from different seasons, showcasing what we do, here in Detroit,” said Chef Jared Bobkin. “The most exciting part is we will be doing this dinner at one of the best restaurants here in Detroit, Cuisine.  The food scene in the city is growing and I am proud to invite these chefs here to help put our mark on Detroit.”


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