On US 23 near Cook Road in Grand Blanc, just a few miles south of where US 23 comes into I-75, there was a billboard that read “America First: Not Israel.”

The display captured the attention of Michigan residents and supporters of the Jewish state, according to Ed Kohl of StandWithUs-Michigan.

“It led to a growing social media campaign condemning Adams Outdoor Advertising, owner of the advertising space, for accepting the ad that is regarded as anti-Semitic by many in the Jewish community,” Kohl said.

The sign was sponsored by Deir Yassin Remembered, an organization known for its anti-Israel propaganda.

“This billboard brings us back to one of the darkest moments in history, when Jews were targeted, maligned and accused of disloyalty. It is the new face of that old disease: anti-Semitism,” said Peggy Shapiro, Midwest coordinator for the educational group StandWithUs.

“Make no mistake. The dual loyalty canard is classic anti-Semitism with a ‘Zionophobic’ twist,” she added. “What it exhorts is that Israel and only Israel be singled out, and that the Jews and only the Jews be denied their right to self-determination. Cloaked in patriotism, it is a message of hate and misinformation.”

Shapiro became aware of the billboard on Tuesday, Feb. 14. “While those who vilify Israel have their right to expression, so do those who support a safe Israel and peace in the Middle East,” she said.

She posted a photo of the billboard and the name of the advertising agency on Facebook, which was shared online by many supporters. She then sent out an e-blast to members asking them to contact the agency about their displeasure.

“By the close of business on Tuesday, Adams Outdoor Advertising responded by taking the sign down,” Shaprio said. “The manager was very apologetic and said he certainly didn’t want to offend anyone or post anything anti-Semitic. He said they took it down as soon as they began to hear from the community. The company was as cooperative as possible.”

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