Student convinces his father to offer discount on tax prep services to all educators



Maverick Levy

With the name of the hero in the movie Top Gun, Maverick Levy is a new kind of leader. This high school senior convinced his father to offer a 20 percent discount on tax prep services to teachers at his high school — and around the country.

“Educators are underpaid and under-appreciated. I can help these people afford better tax services than they would get at a storefront tax company. My dad is in total agreement,” says Maverick, whose dad, Lawrence Levy, owns Levy & Associates, a tax service in Southfield, Delray Beach, Fla., and satellite offices in 29 communities.

Asking his father, his fellow students and his community at large to do more to better society is just how Maverick rolls. The senior at Frankel Jewish Academy (FJA) in West Bloomfield volunteers to tutor autistic students weekly for the Friendship Circle and is planning a dodge ball tournament next month as a fundraiser for this organization dedicated to helping children with special needs.

“Since I’m a senior in my final stage of high school, I wanted to do something to say thank you to the many fine teachers I’ve had,” Maverick says.

He’d count Adam Shireman, philosophy and social studies teacher, and former FJA teacher Kyle Henry, along with all his Hebrew teachers, as incredibly helpful with helping him understand culture, language and new thoughts.

Maverick, a member of Temple Israel who will go to Israel in May with his senior class, credits his conversational Hebrew class with helping him learn how to speak to people on his trip, his first. This fall, he will enroll in the James Madison residential college at Michigan State University in the pre-law curriculum.

He comes from a family of professionals. His stepmom, Michelle, is a lawyer; his dad is a business owner; his late grandfather, who started the Levy firm, was a CPA. His younger brother, Jett, hopes to emulate his brother.

“My older son is very philanthropic. He’s been working with autistic kids since he was 12 years old,” Lawrence Levy says. “There was a car accident about two weeks ago that Maverick witnessed on Walnut Lake. Three cars were smashed carrying teenagers. He hopped out of his car and pulled several kids to safety. He has the greatest heart in the world.”

When Maverick asked his dad to extend a tax prep discount, not only to teachers, but to help first responders, his dad agreed. Recently, firefighters helped quell a bomb scare at the Jewish Community Center, where FJA is housed.

“This month, we began offering a 20 percent discount to all teachers and first responders — police and firefighters — in Michigan and expanded it throughout the country. Then we added veterans and people serving now in the military. We want people to know we care,” Lawrence Levy says.

Maverick says he just wants to make a difference for the teachers who educate the next generation of leaders.

Tax Prep Discount

Teachers, school administrators, police officers, firefighters and veterans can apply for a 20 percent discount at the two Levy & Associates offices and 29 satellite offices around the country. They must present valid identification to qualify. Find more information at

 Dodge Ball Fundraiser

Maverick Levy is organizing a dodge ball tournament at Sky Zone in Canton. Teams of six pay $20 apiece for food, court time and eligibility for a grand prize from noon to 3 p.m., Sunday, March 5. Proceeds benefit Friendship Circle. For information, visit or email Maverick at

Helen Josen
Helen Josen 02.24.2017

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Helen Josen, A Braille teacher and former Southfield resident currently living outside Los Angeles