Kendra and Lila Rosenzweig
Jodi Feld – Columnist

Where:  Spotted at Be Well Lifestyle Center in Birmingham, sipping Slim

Kendra and Lila Rosenzweig


Names:  Kendra and Lila Rosenzweig

City of residence:  Birmingham

Professions:  Kendra: Stay-at-home mom, former special education teacher
Lila: Preschooler

What are you wearing?
Kendra: I’m wearing a Madewell jacket and James Jeans in camouflage — I got mine from Barneys, but they sell them at Evereve in Birmingham, too. My shirt is from Perfect Trading [in Bloomfield Hills] and we couldn’t decide if this was the front or the back, so I’m just wearing it this way. This purse is Stella McCartney, and it’s one of my favorites. I have a Louis Vuitton Neverfull that I also love, but my dog ate the top of it so I’m carrying this right now. And, my shoes are from Anthropologie, and I just got them last week! They don’t get a ton of shoes, and they didn’t get these in a ton of sizes, but they had a size 6 and I was so excited. I love these because I seriously love leopard print. I actually consider any animal print a basic.

Lila: Mini Boden jacket — they run generous, and it’s fit her for two seasons already! Her favorite Spiritual Gangster sweatshirt, because it’s so soft, and Les Tout Petite leggings from Sample Wearhouse in West Bloomfield.

How would you describe your style?
Funky! When I dress up, I really like to mix it up. During the day, though, I’m usually in fun, patterned yoga pants, moon boots or flip flops — even in the winter. I don’t discriminate where I shop and I love a great sale. But, I don’t like to wear what everyone else is wearing either. I just bought my very first pair of all-black yoga pants yesterday.

Really, I try to keep my clothes simple so I can wear fun accessories and change them up often. I just got a great pair of Warby Parker glasses that I’ve been wearing a ton lately because I’m not a candidate for Lasik. My favorite accessory is my charm bracelet. I’ve had it since I was little and I wear it every single day, even when I’m rocking sweatpants. Every time there’s a major life event, I add a charm. My husband, Adam, even used it to propose to me. He took it from me and added a special charm. When he proposed, he gifted it back to me with a new charm. The charm had one of our inside jokes written on it that was basically code for, “Will you marry me?”

Who is your style icon and what inspires you? Well, I love to look on Pinterest and Etsy for style stuff, and I love Rachel Zoe — whose real last name is Rosenzweig, too. I love Valentino (their stuff is so pretty) and Stella McCartney, but I love Target stuff just as much. I guess I don’t like everything from everyone, except for my mom [Kaylee Freeman] who has the craziest closet. She has amazing stuff and the sickest shoes. I love borrowing from her.

What is something no one knows about you, or would be surprised to learn? That I still sleep with my baby blanket, Innie. He’s cream with a rainbow on him. I sleep with him, and Adam, every night.