I found an interesting tidbit in the JN from March 27, 1998. In that issue, a “new” feature debuted — a crossword puzzle that featured clues related to Jewish culture and history. I like crossword puzzles myself, and I found this one to be very good. Maybe not quite as hard as a New York Times Sunday crossword — the gold standard — which I have yet to fully complete without dictionaries and help!

Nevertheless, the puzzle in the JN was very interesting; but to complete this puzzle, one needs a good grasp of Jewish phrases, events, religion and history.

This also demonstrates another nice feature of the Davidson Digital Archives. Pages from the JN and Jewish Chronicle can be downloaded and printed. In this case, the archive provides crossword puzzle enthusiasts with something unique.

This week, I also would like to let you know that my future columns will take on a different perspective. The March 23 issue will mark the beginning of a yearlong celebration of the 75th anniversary of the JN, which began publishing in March 1942. Not too many community newspapers, certainly not many Jewish publications, have stood the test of time like the JN. So, keep your eyes open for special features in the JN and on the Detroit Jewish News Foundation website.

To do my part to celebrate, each week until next March, I will offer some history and insights from the corresponding issue of the JN from 75 years ago. I hope you will find these stories as fascinating as I do.

Mike Smith
Detroit Jewish News Foundation

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