Street Style – Stephanie Leve



Stephanie Leve

Who: Stephanie Leve

Where: Beyond Salon in Farmington Hills

City of residence: Royal Oak

Profession: Hair stylist at Beyond Salon

What are you wearing? I’m really a T-shirt and jeans girl. The more comfortable I feel in my clothes, the more confident I think I am. Today I am wearing an American Apparel T-shirt. The Royal Oak American Apparel store was going out of business and I was excited to get this T-shirt at half off — but not happy about the store closing. They have great basics there. My jeans are JBrand, purchased from Caruso Caruso in Birmingham. My Hudson jeans are my favorite, but these are a close second. They fit a curvier body better and I get a ton of wear out of them. My necklaces are both by Gorjana. I got them both at Nordstrom. One I bought last year and then just last week I went back and purchased this other one because I liked the idea of layering the first one — I thought it looked way cooler that way. I also bought these olive-green open-toe booties from Nordstrom last year. They’re TOMS and probably the most comfortable shoes I own. I definitely own un-comfortable shoes, but if I wear them to work, I have a pair of flats in the back just in case! I was also wearing a Free People leather jacket today. It’s my absolute fave! It came with a gray hoodie, but I took it out because I felt it was too grunge. It’s such an easy jacket to throw on, layer, dress up or down, and you can toss it around and it never wrinkles.

Describe your style: Edgy with a little classic. I like to buy classic pieces and put my own spin on them. I’m very into my girlfriend jeans right now — because they’re not super tight. I recently got married so now I’m more into comfort than things being super tight (bye-bye wedding diet!). If I’m dressing up, I love tops from Aritzia [at the Somerset Collection]. I love lighter fabrics and lighter colors to dress up in because I can’t really work in those. At work, I always like to be comfortable because my job is so physical. But, I also try to keep up with trends and I like to help keep my clients modern. I’m into trendy things and I like to keep up with modern shapes. Like, a T-shirt and jeans has always been in style, but the shape changes with the times. It’s the same with haircuts. A bob is always in style, but the shape has changed over time.

What inspires you? Because I do hair, I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I follow lots of hairstylists online and the ones I follow all have awesome [fashion] style, too. I love to follow “Sense of Style” and “Like to Know It” on Instagram. I really love to shop online and “Like to Know It” makes it so easy! As far as celebrities, I think Rachel Bilson has great style. And, I’m also really inspired by the girls at work! We all have such different senses of style, but we collaborate on each other’s style for events and such. Like, if someone has a wedding to go to, we all pitch in and think of what would look great and loan each other things like a necklace or something. Sometimes, actually, I might have something in my closet and if I am not sure exactly how to wear it, I’ll go and look on Pinterest. Then, I’ll put that together with my own sense of style.

What’s something no one knows about you? There’re lots of things, but some I can’t say! OK, how about how long my nightly beauty routine is? It takes me forever to apply all my lotions and creams. I’m kind of crazy about my skincare routine. Also, I really always wanted to be a stylist, even as a kid. I used to cut all of my dolls’ hair and I’m not going to lie, I once gave my American Girl doll the perfect bob!

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