Earlier this week, Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills canceled a concert scheduled for May 18 featuring internationally known Israeli musician Noa.

In a May 4 letter to it members, synagogue leadership stated: “Several credible threats of protest and demonstration have been planned in response to the appearance of Achinoam “Noa” Nini at Adat Shalom on Thursday, May 18. We have been working closely with law enforcement and our security advisers and have concluded that based on these threats there was a high potential for disruption to the concert. As a result, and in keeping the safety of our community, our congregation, and the performers as our highest priority, we have made the decision to cancel the concert.”

The letter stated the concert was intended “to present a concert of Israeli music at its finest” and was “not intended to reflect political viewpoints.”

Noa has appeared in Detroit many, many times. A quick glance at the Davidson Detroit Jewish History Archive reveals she has been performed at least six times since 1994, with the latest concert in 2013. The Jewish Federation has sponsored her concerts as well as the Jewish Community Center — nearly always in conjunction with Israel Independence Day.

Noa’s left-wing political positions, including her support of a two-state resolution, of the “peace camp” in Israel and of groups support coexistence with Palestinians, are known here and in Israel. The vocal minority that pushed hard to cancel her May 18  concert are Jews from the right-wing camp that hold opposing viewpoints.

The JN will have a full story on the controversy in its May 11 issue.


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  1. Absolutely appalled that a group of right-wing Jews could torpedo plans for a wonderful concert. Noa is known for her pro-moderation, anti-extremism (of all kinds) views, and she is one of the best performers I have ever heard. I simply cannot believe that the organizers of this concerts could not have increased security to ensure that this concert would go on. I am embarrassed to be part of the Detroit Jewish community today.

  2. Thank you for cancelling the appearance of Ahinoam Nini in Detroit.

    Ahinoam Nini spares no efforts in loud mouthing the democratically elected government of the State of Israel across the world. I see no difference between her and the other anti Israeli professors, who seize every opportunity to demonize Israel, often in universities abroad, especially in Europe, and enjoy their ‘five minutes of glory’.

    She has a cult of followers, who did not manage to topple the last government and are hell bent on destroying this one, doing what hurts Israel the most – washing the dirty laundry (or what she considers to be ‘dirty laundry’) in public, abroad -with virulent anti Semitics loving it.

    I also remind you, that Zehava Galon, a member of the Knesset, started a movement abroad, telling the public not to buy produce from the ‘occupied territories’, possibly thinking that she was doing a good thing, just like Ahinoam Nini sees herself as an Israeli savior amongst the anti semitic nations of the world. That cry from Zehava Galon was the catalyst of the BDS movement, which is gaining strength worldwide, and has the aim of damaging the whole of the Israel economy. Funnily enough, we do not hear a word from Galon on the subject. But this illustrates the damage that Zehava Galon , Achinoam Nini, and their ilk, are capable of.

    On a personal level. I also question the ethics of a Jewish girl who sings ‘Ava Maria’ to the Pope, to the delight of the non Jewish world. She claimed it brings religious together but in my eyes, singing ‘Our Father, Our King’ which unites us, brings religions together –a Jew singing ‘Ave Maria’ insults the long history of Jewish martyrs who refused to accept Christ, nor Maria, and were murdered for not doing so.

    Ahinoam Nini is surrounded by controversy. Many organizations have booked her then backtracked. Those who fall at her feet, are usually closet anti Semites (especially in Europe) and those with their own agendas – that being the de-legitimization of the State of Israel. She is completely intolerant of any other views including refusing to accept a prestigious Israeli culture award as another recipient of the award did not conform to her views. She has her own political agenda, meeting and praising Arafat, Abu Mazen, and others. What photo ops! She compares Trump to Hitler – an insult to six million Jews. There was only one Hitler, and to compare anyone who does not conform with one’s political views as Hitler, is sacrilege, and can only be uttered by those who are ignorant, or were (thankfully) untouched, by the Holocaust.

    But worst of all, she insists on saying that she represents Israel. Who in Israel exactly, does she represent? Not the democratic majority who live there and see every word that she utters as a betrayal of those who fight, and die, for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Achinoam Nini – NOT IN MY NAME!

    Thank you, Detroit.
    Ruth Radberg,

  3. Credible threats of protest? Huh? Was there threat of actual violence? Were these from anti-Israel extremists or pro-Israel extremists who can’t tolerate divergent views from the standard right wing? She has been accused of being on the left side and some have said “BDS” but this to me seems like Adat Shalom gave in to the fear of protest from the right wing.

    Can we get actual facts like who the threats were from? Were they related to bombs, guns, shootings, loss of life or well being? To remove an Israeli singer because of fear of protest seems akin to exactly what BDS is striving for. I’m ashamed of my former synagogue

  4. Another Israeli artist who hates Israel and loves Palestine. No surprise. Her concert should have been cancelled and she should be locked in prison for treason.

  5. Locked up for treason? Are you one of the individuals who threatened the safety of people who want to hear one of Israel’s most renowned singers?

    I don’t understand the logic behind your statement. In fact, in Israel there is a much more vigorous room for debate than here in the USA where it is right wing Zionism or nothing.

  6. What a shame that a small group of extremists could wield this kind of power. Is there no entity in the community that would step in where Adat Shalom faltered and host a Noa concert…if for no other reason than to show that the Detroit Jewish community will not allow such bullying? Are there other synagogues? What about the Jewish Community Center? I can imagine having the concert outdoors, an act that would proclaim that the Jewish community will not bow to such extortionists.

    In today’s anti-democratic political atmosphere, we must take the first step to stand up to those, on the left and the right, who would intimidate us into silence.

  7. Zionistsrule: Love the user name though I don’t believe you love Israel with the comment you left toward me. First of all, I never threatened anyone and I read the article after the incident happened. Second, Israel should charge her with Treason because of all the problems she has caused for Israel and pushed the BDS movement as well.

    The rest of you who are appalled and upset by this Noa being cancelled, why don’t you all get some money together and go to Dearborn and see if she can perform in a community center there or possibly a Mosque. Pay the dues to get her in and maybe she’ll get a helluva turnout there. The Muslims will come by the busload to hear her sing and you’ll see this as a win against Adat Shalom and the right-wing Jews.

  8. “We are living in an era of falsehoods and alternative facts, where white supremacy, racism, bigotry, misogyny, alt-right ideologies and xenophobia are experiencing a warped renaissance. We have seen these evil undercurrents, reminiscent of the darkest and most oppressive regimes in human history, and their protagonists, empowered enormously throughout the globe, and unfortunately, we understand they have seeped into and contaminated every corner of our lives.”

    This is her response to the cancellation: she doesn’t talk about why it is almost impossible for an Israeli Zionist to speak at any institution of higher learning in the West. It seems that the fascists are from the left and she is a liar.

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