Seventy-five years ago, the May 15 issue of the JN, as all issues in 1942, had a number of interesting stories. In fact, there were too many to allow me to just concentrate on a single story. So, once again, I offer a smorgasbord of topics.

There was a headline and story on page 2 that related to my last column — “Roosevelt and Churchill asked to save Polish Jews from Death.” This was an appeal to these leaders, as well as prominent religious leaders, to act to alleviate the rampant starvation among Polish Jews, as had been recently performed for starving Greeks. It would seem pretty obvious to anyone who read the newspapers in 1942 that wherever the Nazis went during their conquests, the local population, in particular Jews, were abused and mistreated, to say the least.

There was news of the war. A small, very sad item was Jewish Welfare Board’s list of Jewish men killed in the war. But, there was also a story on Jewish ace, Lt. Gabriel Frumkin, who shot down five Japanese planes on one mission, an outstanding feat, especially this early in the war.

There were also some articles on happier topics. A weekly feature of the JN was “Community Builders,” a column devoted to contributions to the local area by a Jewish Detroiter. Swedish immigrant and successful businessman Maurice Aronsson was honored in this issue.

Finally, I know that Hadassah is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. It might be interesting to know that Mrs. J. E. Gould was elected president of the Detroit Chapter for 1942.

Mike Smith
Detroit Jewish News Foundation


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