Keri Guten Cohen

The Detroit Jewish News was honored with seven awards from the Detroit Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists covering writing, editing and design.

The awards were presented on April 19, having been judged by journalists from other cities. Prizes were presented among publications of like circulation size.

JN Story Development Editor Keri Guten Cohen won two awards. In the category of Spot/Breaking News, she won second place for “A Visionary Jewish Communal Architect,” coverage of the death of philanthropist Mandell “Bill” Berman, and a third-place award for her feature story “Finding Aaron,” detailing a couple’s longtime search for their baby’s grave.

Three JN contributing writers also won praise. Stacy Gittleman won an honorable mention for her feature “Part of the Family,” which gave due credit to the many non-Jewish staffers who keep our synagogues running smoothly; Bobbie Lewis’ second-place award was for a feature titled “Loss and Legacy,” a review of the life and murder of the late Rabbi Morris Adler. In the category of Personality Profile, Alan Muskovitz garnered a second-place award for “Young Life Interrupted,” a look at a World War II veteran and his accolades.

Contributing Editor Robert Sklar was recognized with a second-place award for his editorial on U-M Dearborn and a third-place award for his editorial “Happy Birthday, Israel.”

As ever, the design quality of the paper was recognized as being top notch. A first-place award went to designer Michelle Sheridan for her feature page design for the article “A Half-Century Later: The 1967 Riots.”

Of the awards, Jackie Headapohl, managing editor, said, “It’s nice to earn this recognition from our peers in the industry. The awards affirm the first-class journalism being produced by JN staff and contributing writers.”


  1. Must have been an all liberal anti-Trump award ceremony. Good for you liberal journalists for being far left. May you guys continue to defend anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric with these groups who are “Friends of the Jews”.

  2. That is great PSM I agree. Don’t forget, they’re pro-Palestinian, Muslim, LGBTQ and Minority Stances. Instead of helping Jews, they would rather help minorities instead, the people who Welch off our taxes and don’t work.

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