Not all front-page material in the 1942 JN relates to World War II. For example, consider the photograph on the front page of the June 26, 1942, issue. It is a bit hard to see — it is an image from 75 years ago lifted from microfilm for the Davidson Archive — but the title for the photo is clear: “Our Future Standard Bearers: 1942 Graduates of United Hebrew Schools.”

There were only 55 of them that year, but, for the time, it was a very good showing. An article on page 3 cites that, overall, there were 1,389 attending Hebrew school in Detroit, divided among nine branches. There was also a complete list of the graduates on page 3 if you would like to see if Grandma or Grandpa graduated from the Hebrew United Schools. The editorial page also had a congratulatory note.

Inside this issue, there were, of course, several interesting items about the war. Two advertisements, however, were a bit different from past issues because they brought the war to the homefront. One from the Industrial National Bank warned: “Get Ready for Gas Rationing, It’s Bound to Come.” They were indeed correct.

And, this may sound a bit ridiculous today, but another ad from the William Hordes General Insurance Agency offered this friendly advice: “Free Bombing Insurance, Offered by the Government” would end on July 1. It was early in the war for the United States and Detroit was America’s premier industrial city, so it would be a likely target. Luckily, we were never bombed.

Mike Smith
Detroit Jewish News Foundation


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