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Back on 12th Street … a million years ago, deli lady Mrs. Grunt used to put her hand into a barrel and pull out a pickle for folks … This brought her much neighborhood note … Sounds icky today and, thankfully, Marcia Nodel is a success story among the many we could count amid the more sanitary ways of getting you a pickle … Hers come in traditional glass jars … as she makes huge waves in the pickle business … and has given up her pet photography work.

But what the heck is Marcia doing with pickles in the first place? … Well, seems that 35 years ago, the very fine pet photographer had a hobby of making her own pickles at home, calling them Sweet ‘n Sassy, and of sharing her leisure pursuit love with photography of cats and dogs … A few pickles here, a secret ambition and her life has changed to another of those achievements of fairy tales-come-true that folks like so much to hear about.

Marcia’s one-time hobby has today become big business … with five styles of pickles being co-packed in Hamtramck for her rapid-rising Marcia’s Pickled Munchies company … Next month she expects to move into her own processing facility in Inkster.

Marcia Nodel

Marcia’s pickles have been winning awards galore … and now are also in other states … Hereabouts, they’re in Kroger, Plum Market, Papa Joe’s, Market Square, Whole Foods, etc. … Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor has them in jars on its shelves and also available by mail order … plus having her Little Hotties (a bread and butter pickle with habanero peppers) on a sandwich along with perhaps accompanying other sandwiches.

Marcia still has a hobby, too … She also makes delicious Marcia’s Munchies jams … But just for friends and family.

“I should have stayed with photography,” says Marcia with a smile. “Much easier physically, but I also love what I am doing” … So do the people who buy her goodie pickles!

“WE’RE CALLING IT a merger,” says Sy Ginsberg regarding the sale of Sy Ginsberg Corned Beef and United Meat & Deli. “However, nothing has changed in terms of our product, etc. I am still there, as is my partner Scott Mendelsohn. Grobbles, our new associates, has been producing corned beef since 1883.

“I am executive vice president of the United Division,” Sy continues.

“Their product would not be found in the Jewish deli,” says Sy. “It has the Irish style flavor. Also, their forte has been mainly in supermarkets, while ours is obviously the Jewish deli. Now we’ve got both segments of the market covered. We had been struggling with space issues necessitating the outsourcing of certain aspects of production, which, of course, is not very cost effective.

“Our flavor profile will not change. This deal is nice because nobody lost their job, and we still are able to maintain relationships with our customers. The Sy Ginsberg Corned Beef name and goodness will remain as usual.”

FORMER DETROITER now living in California, David Sonne, again writes about so many dining moments while in Detroit … But to Dave, his best recollections were not to the many elegant and exotic restaurants he later visited … Years ago money was short, recalls Dave, and he remembers going to Lafayette and American Coney Islands for extra heavy loose hamburgers at both places with oodles of mustard and onions, and for a hot dog thick with hamburger topping … Also, Greene’s, White Castle and Nelson’s for those delicious little burgers they served with sautéed onions. Plus, all the wonderful piled-high lean 65-cent corned beef sandwiches at so many delicatessens. Ted’s and Howard Johnson’s for some great clams. Frankenmuth for the Family Style Massacre and spilling an entire container of Win Schuler’s Cheddar and a bag of New Era potato chips all over himself.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Jake and his friend Izzy were halfway through a round of golf when a golf ball arrived from out of nowhere and struck Jake on the back of his head. “Oy!” Jake cried out, rubbing the back of his head.

Almost immediately, a third golfer, Hymie, arrived to apologize. But Jake would have none of it. “You call yourself a golfer?” yells Jake. “If I had my way. I’d ban you from every golf club. Do you see what you’ve done to me? My head is bleeding. I’m going to call my lawyer as soon as I get to the clubhouse and sue you!”

“But, but” says Hymie, “didn’t you hear me? I yelled FORE.”

“OK,” says Jake. “I’ll take it!”

CONGRATS … To Sam Essick on his birthday… To Howard Small on his 18th birthday … To Julia Simons on her birthday … To Alice Krohn on her birthday … To Mary Baroff on her 96th birthday.

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