The July 20, 1942, issue of the JN had some very interesting articles and smaller items scattered throughout the paper. There was the third installment of a featured historical series, “The Story of Jews in the United States,” and another “Our Own Quiz Box.” For the Quiz Box in this issue, the question was: “How well do you know your famous Jewish names?” There was also the weekly “World Wide News at a Glance,” which carried information about “Democratic Countries,” “On the American Front,” “In the Palestinian Homeland” and “In Nazi-Held Territories.”

It was 1942, so there were also plenty of headlines on the front page related to the war and Nazi atrocities. The lead was “U.S. Will Avenge Nazi Terrors, FDR Pledges.” FDR, of course, refers to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And, Detroit’s support for the Hebrew Institute of Technology in Haifa was noted as well as the role of vital industries in Palestine.

However, the piece that stood out for me was a guest editorial by Leonard N. Simons: “Are You Willing To Face the Music If America Loses the War?” It was an appeal to America’s Jews to support the war in any way possible, a direct and hard-hitting appeal by one of the leaders of Detroit’s Jewish community to other Jews to redouble their efforts to win the war. Indeed, Leonard Simons and many other Detroit Jews were doing their best and leading the way.


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