Its owner had passed on and the restaurant was on the verge of being shut down … There was no one to run the place, with his widow operating her own Maya’s Skin Care Center in West Bloomfield.

The new owner had previously worked for his dad at Evans Family Dining in Fordson and operated his own Coney Island restaurant in Belleville when a friend told Mike Parashos about the popular eatery that may soon be closed.

Mike bought the Sunrise Café from Maya Kuchersky, kept the popular name and has put the restaurant back on its feet again.

Mike Parashos

This year is the ninth anniversary since Sunrise Café of West Bloomfield changed hands … Former head waitress Lana Shor, three cooks and a busboy since its original opening have remained to bring it back to life again … assisted by Mike Parashos’ wife/manager, Barbara Parashos, sister Athena Parashos and sister-in-law Sophie Wright.

The wonderful fluffy omelets have remained, as did the flat ones, along with the addition of gluten-free pancakes and toast … Greek dressing for the authentic Greek salad is the original recipe of Mike P.’s dad … Whereas no lox or pancakes were available before, they, too, were added to the previous basic Sunrise menu, plus the 40 items that took over for 20 before … Also added are two more of the five soups always on the menu … along with numerous meats including corned beef, steak, etc.

Seating has remained at 48 inside and 16 on an outdoors patio … along with high scores from the Oakland County Health Department that Mike Kuchersky used to get … It is still a seven-day-a-week operation, Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Mike Parashos is usually at work in the kitchen, coming in early each day to make the delicious soups, etc. … This is the only Sunrise Café left from the small chain … And Maya Kuchersky may be happy that the dining love of hers and the late Mike Kuchersky is in good hands again.

QUESTION & ANSWER DEPT. … “Didn’t the Pepino’s family have a restaurant in Applegate Square in Southfield?” … Myrna Lee Gorman.

(No, if memory serves me correctly, it was called Bernardi’s but only owned by Bob and Cheryl Bernardi. Before that, dad Joe Bernardi, who was known as “Pepino” by the family, worked at Ford Motor and Bob at General Motors as chefs at their respective jobs. Mother Helma and daughter-in-law Cheryl had run their Bernardi’s Olde Town Café in Utica during the day, and Joe and Bob supervised the cooking there at night. Joe and Helma are gone, but their daughters Kathy Morley and Carol Carson and Kathy’s son-in-law, Dr. Chris Hutchinson, have the fine Pepino’s in Sylvan Lake.)

MANY E-MAILS CONTINUE to cross our path regarding lobsters … One of the ways to make sure it isn’t langostino, a less expensive seafood, is seeing it with claws at least two or three inches long … If so, chances are pretty good that you’ve got a real lobster from either Maine or Europe … By the way, isn’t langostino prawn in Spanish?

REARVIEW MIRROR … Back many years ago, numerous people used to love going to Arminio Beltramelo’s Italian restaurant Villa Venice on Woodward, just two or three blocks north of Grand Boulevard, Detroit, a stone’s throw from Lelli’s Inn, a few blocks away, also on Woodward … To eat Arminio’s food for sure but to also no doubt scratch their heads as they watched him flit around … Being the owner wasn’t all … He also served at his Villa Venice as busboy, dishwasher, doorman, cook, head waiter, parking lot attendant, cashier and pianist … How he did it nobody, not even Arminio himself, knew … His own sauces made the pastas unbelievably good, and his thick minestrone soup with spinach was more like stew and so delicious … Arminio also made a green lasagna that was so good customers would order seconds and thirds to take home … Finally getting a wine license helped a lot but he sure was always competition for the outstanding Lelli’s Inn.

NOTICE TO GROCERS … Take a tip and get on the luscious bandwagon … Put award-winning Marcia’s Munchie Pickles by localite Marcia Nodel on your shelf.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Jules sees a tailor’s shop named Cohen and O’Reilly and goes in telling the typical little Jewish tailor how impressed he is that the Irish and Jews, often at each other’s throats in the little town, have come together like this. The little Jewish man seems unmoved, “You’re surprised?” he asks. “Well, here’s another surprise for you. I’m O’Reilly!”

CONGRATS … To Mary Lou Zieve on her birthday … To Rabbi Jason Miller on his birthday … To Joe Horenstein on his birthday … To Ray Horenstein on his birthday. •

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