Celebrating another anniversary … some say 59th and others 60th … the quietness about it among many people continually becomes more pronounced … But again, probably only because so many who have been there would rather keep it to themselves … their own excellent dining secret.

The reasons are quite simple … Continuous good food, easy pricing, wonderful service, gracious atmosphere amid clean and comfortable surroundings, live music and dancing.

Clawson Steak House on the corner of 14 Mile and S. Rochester Road, Clawson, owns a growing reputation of total satisfaction and all-around menu goodness, efficient service and welcomed congeniality … As well as much enjoyed live music and dancing every Wednesday through Saturday evening … So good that it reminds numerous smiling and nostalgic customers of yesteryear days.

These in themselves are huge reasons for why Clawson Steak House is constantly achieving a more and more prominent reputation for well-spent time.

The food by Executive Chef Jim Polk and his fine kitchen staff is no small reason why with delicious presentations of “The Sizzler” Delmonico steak served on a sizzle platter and finished with tasty au jus, char-broiled lamb chops marinated with olive oil and choice selected mixture of herbs, pan-fried perch, among so many daily dining feature selections.

Even additions of gluten-free options like char-grilled New York steak with pan-seared sea scallops served over steamed spinach, pan-seared scallops with a balsamic reduction served over fresh, wilted spinach, salmon filet stuffed with spinach, artichokes and crab, oven-broiled and topped with a choice Hollandaise sauce.

Owner Jim Alex and wife, Kim, and Jodie Polk and Chef Jim Polk

Also, choice desserts that include those by Chef Polk’s wife, Jodie Polk … Key lime pie, crème brulee, brownie sundae and peanut butter mousse pie … among others.

Every week, Chef Polk and his staff go through more than 200 pounds of beef filet, over 200 pounds of chicken, 50 or more pounds of salmon, over 50 pounds of steer liver, 40 or more pounds of frog legs, almost 70 pounds of white fish, etc.

Chef Polk is a 22-year Clawson stalwart who once roamed the kitchens of Golden Mushroom with Master Chef Milos Cihelka, Beverly Hills Grill and Eaton Street Station restaurant, today’s renamed Big Rock Chophouse.

No penny-pinching at Clawson Steak House … Entrees include soup and salad, starch or vegetable and bread basket that includes homemade rolls that don’t last long.

Open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. … It is so very easy to see why Clawson Steak House, owned by Jim Alex, continues to gain in culinary and most congenial happy times as it fetes another anniversary.

CLOSING OF ROMA CAFÉ on Riopelle and Erskine, Detroit, has brought back many memories of the former restaurant noted as the oldest in this region … It was where Marie Anstandig and Marvin Rich, former Detroiters now of San Diego, Calif., met each other while both worked at the nearby Eastern Market, were making purchases at the same place, talked about their bargains, had lunch together at Roma Café and were married a month later … Louise and Irving Mandell remember the Monday night Italian buffets “where we always went to gorge on its veal parmigiana, chicken, antipasto and other delicious stuff” … Sid Krohn worked at the Eastern Market and fondly recalls always having lunch with the firemen across the street at the fire station.

REARVIEW MIRROR … The only one who didn’t like him might have been the overly soused trouble-making person he may have asked to leave … But the big guy was liked by everyone … Abe Chaben was the likeable owner of Uncle Abe’s Tavern in the Seward Hotel on Seward, Detroit, doing the carving of food himself … The genial Abe slicing corned beef, roast beef, etc., himself because he wanted to make sure the carvings were thick, generous slabs to accompany the pickle and condiment trays at the tables … Abe loved his food, and the Abe’s Tavern victuals had to be as he himself like them … plentiful and very tasty … Lunch was usually Abe’s biggie time at the restaurant … when the New Center and Downtown business people and shoppers packed his place … Many times oodles of them came back after work and shopping for the evening piano bar entertainment … and to hear Abe tell stories.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … The new lion in the zoo was fed a few bananas while the old lion in the adjoining cage was fed big chunks of juicy red meat.

The new lion finally asked the older lion, “How come I only get bananas while you get steak?”

“This zoo,” explained the old lion, “works on a low budget. They’ve got you registered as a monkey!”

CONGRATS … To Lila Lazarus on her birthday … To Howard Kane on his 14th birthday … To Jean Abrams on her birthday … To Lillian Bello on her birthday.

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