In most instances, there is little truth to the thought that anyone can operate a family restaurant … It takes a special kind of person or people.

Among the better ones in this region is Moe’s On 10 Family Dining, 10 Mile, west of Haggerty, Novi, where family togetherness is exemplified … It is a family-operated restaurant where Moe, his wife, Debra, and son Michael work daily … At one point, all their five children were involved … No matter what time or day, there is always a Leon present and a kids’ menu is available upon request.

Meatloaf is often obtainable on specials … the sauces, bread and delicious soups are also all homemade … Moe’s own chicken soup always draws huge raves … Also featured are fresh fish, such as perch, salmon, walleye, etc. … And prime rib is presented on Friday and Saturday nights … Brunch is both Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.; adults, $12.99, youngsters 10 and under, $7.50.

Among Moe Leon’s ways of giving thanks to America are the free complete turkey dinners he gives away every year the day before Thanksgiving, 3 to 8 p.m. … Any age … No charge … No tipping … Moe came here in the 1970s from Syria and has never forgotten … This is his way of giving back.

Great news, too, for many Moe’s On Ten stalwarts is completion of construction on 10 Mile that might have kept some folks away.

Moe’s on 10 is a rarity … Fresh homemade food, not frozen and thawed … run and operated by a family … with an upscale feel and low prices … Where a family can enjoy each other’s company … get pleasure from the food … and cleanliness … True gold!

REARVIEW MIRROR … It was many years ago that Las Vegas had great acts instead of today’s numerous production shows … Former Detroiters who had moved there seemed to be everywhere … working at the casino-hotels and ready to help out with suggestions and comps for good eating and seeing shows galore.

It was difficult to go from hotel to hotel casino without seeing a familiar face from Detroit … “Chappie” Shapiro, Frontier pit boss; Sam “Bath House” Rosen, Frontier night manager; Georgie Raff, Caesar’s Palace baccarat; Nate Glassman, Flamingo night boss; Charlie Durst, Tropicana baccarat; Sol “Little Fish” Bromberg, Aladdin  21 dealer; “Dudgie” Dovitz, Flamingo pit boss; Moe Miller, Flamingo casino manager; Charlie Harrison, Riviera vice president; Joe Bommarito, Sahara 21 dealer; Johnny (Irving Lieb) Ryan, Stardust dice table boxman; Charles “Big Tootie” Horenstein, Dunes pit boss; Joe Louis, Caesar’s Palace greeter; Freddie Lombardo, Sands night boss; Solly Friedman, Tropicana 21 dealer; Willie “Buffalo” Ehrlich, Holiday Casino, assistant head maître d’; Johnny Snyder, Aladdin floor boss; George Morse, Aladdin casino manager; Dave Jacobs, Frontier pit boss; Art Miller, Riviera 21 dealer; Dick Kabush, Dunes 21 dealer; Hy Newman, Dessert Inn floor manager; Art Miller, Riviera 21 dealer; Joe Unrod, Aladdin floor man; Morrie Deutch, Aladdin floor man; Eddie Moss, Sahara retiree; Sandy Davis, Tropicana 21 dealer; Aton “Bananas” Herman, Dunes pit boss head, etc.

SHE HAD BEEN there only three weeks and owners of Pepino’s restaurant on Orchard Lake Road in Sylvan Lake, Kathy Morley and Carol Carson, could already note that the new waitperson would be a fine asset to their wonderful service team … Smiling, efficient and knowledgeable in customer satisfaction, Dita Gjokaj had worked at three Birmingham eateries … Townhouse, Mitchell’s Fish Market and Cameron’s Steak House and welcomed a regional change … Dita fits in very well with one of this sector’s most outstanding staffs of waitpersons constantly lauded for their serving of Pepino’s excellent food.

OLDIE QUICKIES … Two fellows are at a golf course when the gorgeous girl passes by. One says, “Take away her lips, take away her hair, take away her figure and what has she got?” “My wife,” groaned the second golfer … A diplomat is a man who can convince his wife that she does not look good in a fur coat … … She had such buck teeth that every time she kissed a fellow she combed his mustache at the same time … “Would you like your coffee black,” asked the waiter. “What other colors do you have?” asked the customer … “I can’t eat this chicken,” said the diner. “Call the manager.” The waiter said, “It’s no use. He won’t eat it either.”

CONGRATS … To Marilyn Frommer on her birthday … To Morris Margulies on his birthday … To Denise Dunn on her birthday … To Gary Tringale on his birthday … To Jeff Weinger on his birthday … To Bob and Elaine Wander on their 63rd anniversary.

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