Hands are making indecision signals

Think elevator. Think escalator. Think stairs. All of these permit us to change physical levels in our everyday existence.

Our concern with these changes has wrought a bevy of expressions that denote the mercurial existence we live day to day.

If you do well in your chosen field, you may be described as up-and-coming and be considered an upstanding member of the community. When your fortune changes, you may become down and out and be a member of the downtrodden. We often do see folks go from being upwardly mobile to entering a downward spiral.

If you are technically aware you may upload and download with ease. Whatever … (as my prejudice toward “gadgets” comes to the fore.)

In business dealings, you should be on the up and up. Be wary of information that comes to you on the down low.

Not all references are opposites. Take, for instance, being upbeat, a condition that will get you far in personal relations. Such a feeling would also lead one to be attuned to a down beat and be ready for action, especially on the dance floor.

Some of life’s challenges are an uphill battle; do not let them get you down in the dumps or become downcast. Often, rough patches will find you beat up; but do not permit them to beat you down.

When you feel that you are up against “it,” try to downplay “it.” Even if you are up to your eyeballs in work, do not let it lead to a downfall.

Those daring souls who sky dive or hang glide are acutely aware of updrafts and downdrafts. These are essential to safe landings.

If you have ever had the flu, you know that the inability to keep anything down will lead you to upchuck.

On that note, let me share one of my puns. How do you get down from an elephant? You don’t. You get down from a duck.