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16 fast companies now hiring top talent in Michigan

Ryan Landau,
Founder, re:purpose

Editor’s note: Ryan Landau, curator of our featured list of fast companies now hiring in Detroit and Ann Arbor, launched his company, re:purpose, in early March 2017. Re:purpose is a recruiting marketplace website working with tech companies and startups with 20 to 500 employees and prospective employees to make matches between the two. The focus: exclusivity, a vetted candidate pool and culture matching. Re:purpose is the first to spring from the Detroit branch of WeWork LLC, an international work space chain with locations in the city’s Campus Martius and Merchant’s Row areas of Downtown. A NEXTGen Detroiter building community and commerce in the city, Ryan shares his perspective on moving in and moving up among the many young professionals in the region working in startups and technology companies.

Think tech, fast-moving, high-growth, purpose-driven and that sums up the landscape of Michigan startups now hiring top talent on re:purpose.
Some fun facts about these companies:

  • Collectively, they’ve raised more than $200 million in venture capital, and they’re all hiring at a rapid clip in two of the fastest-growing cities in Michigan — Detroit and Ann Arbor.
  • These companies run the gamut — from consumer eCommerce to B2B SaaS and everything in between. Some hot sectors include fintech (e.g., Benzingain Detroit), life science/healthcare and security (Duo Security in Ann Arbor). Higher growth startups include Rocket Fiberthat provides gigabit Internet.

Our team is very familiar with the founders and CEOs of these companies, and we’re partnering with them specifically because we believe they’re building purpose-driven companies.

If you’re not from Michigan or you aren’t familiar with the momentum behind Detroit, this region is a pretty incredible place to be right now.

New brands like Warby Parker, Shinola, Bonobos and wework have all made big bets on Detroit. There are new lofts and apartments opening every day, and cost of living is among the lowest of all the major tech hubs.

Throw in attractions like Eastern Market, Belle Isle, DIA, the River Walk, the Big House, Kerrytown and the Arb, and you won’t be bored — I promise.

Simply put: If you want to be part of the rebirth of a great American city, there’s no better place to live, work and have an impact. This isn’t just something we believe. It’s something we’re betting on by locating our HQ here.


Ambassador Software
Elevator Pitch: A referral marketing automation platform to help companies of all sizes track and manage referrals.
CEO: Jeff Epstein
Founded: 2010
Funding: >$2 million
Employees: 40+

Elevator Pitch: Internal business platform that automatically delivers the right information to the right team members at the right time.
Founded: 2012
Co-Founder and CEO: Jordan Warzecha
Funding: >$500,000
Employees: 10+

Elevator Pitch: Financial news and analysis service providing timely, actionable insights for investors.
Founded: 2011
CEO: Jason Raznick
Funding: >$4 million

Employees: 40+

Elevator Pitch: Automating dues, finances and fundraising for nonprofits and associations.
Founded: 1999
Founder and CEO: Vince Thomas
Funding: Acquired BluePay
Employees: 50+

Elevator Pitch: Manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor.
Founded: 2014
Co-Founder & CEO: Max Nussenbaum
Funding: >$2 million
Employees: 30+

Elevator Pitch: A sales management system that reinforces behaviors that help focus salespeople on closing business.
Founded: 2012
CEO: Bob Marsh
Funding: >$9 million
Employees: 40+

Lunar Labs
Elevator Pitch: A pay-as-you-go Smartphone service that rids customers of monthly wireless bills.
Founded: 2015
Co-Founders: Hunter Rosenblum, Rohith Varanasi
Funding: >$1 million

Employees: 20+

Rocket Fiber
Elevator Pitch: Speed. Service. Detroit. Bringing 1,000x faster Internet and world-class client care to the Motor City.
Founded: 2015
Co-Founder & COO: Edi Demaj
Funding: N/A
Employees: 50+ 
Elevator Pitch: A home service concierge platform designed to help service pros and consumers search, match, chat, hire and pay.
Founded: 2013
Founder and CEO: Sandy Kronenberg
Funding: >$4 million
Employees: 30+

Elevator Pitch: Platform for buying and selling authentic sneakers.
Founded: 2012
Funding: >$6 million
CEO: Josh Luber
Employees: 50+

Elevator Pitch: A digital marketing platform that motivates consumers to react … Quikly.
Founded: 2012
Co-Founder & CEO: Shawn Geller
Funding: >$5 million
Employees: 30+

Elevator Pitch: Art meets technology for smart and easy marketing tools for small businesses. Enter a phone number and a tech will create an original ad for you in seconds.
Founded: 2012
CEO: Nathan Labenz
Funding: >$2 million
Employees: 20+


Duo Security 
Elevator Pitch: Cloud-based access security provider that protects the fastest-growing companies and thousands of organizations worldwide.
Founded: 2010
Founder and CEO: Dug Song
Funding: >$49 million

Employees: 450+

Elevator Pitch: Farm management software designed to help run more efficient, more profitable farms.
Founded: 2012
Co-Founder and CEO: Jesse Vollmar
Funding: >$35 million

Employees: 60+

Notion, Inc. 
Elevator Pitch: Communications intelligence company out to solve communications overload once and for all.
Founded: 2013
CEO: Guy Suter
Funding: >$10 million

Employees: 10+

Elevator Pitch: Beautiful CRM with real-time feeds, native Android & iOS apps and powerful reporting.
Founded: 2009
CEO: Joe Malcoun
Funding: >$1 million

Employees: 40+

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