Young focused student using a tablet computer in a library

As students begin the college packing list, resident assistants from Oakland University Housing suggests packing a number of tech items to make their new dwellings comfortable and convenient:

• HDMI cable – This can help enable you to edit and review work on a big screen and make it easier for you and your roommates to binge on your favorite Netflix series.
• Noise-cancelling headphones – There are plenty of distractions in a dorm room. A good pair of headphones will help you focus and not bother others either.
• External hard drive – While most store schoolwork in the Cloud, nothing beats a good hard drive.  You can wipe out a laptop with the simple spill of a glass of water, so be sure you’re constantly saving and backing up.
• Surge protectors – You’re going to have a lot of gadgets plugged in; protect those valuable electronics.
• A tablet – Who wants to carry around a 10-lb. chemistry book when it could be downloaded on a tablet?
• Amazon Echo or Dot – This isn’t necessary, but can make ordering pizza or finding your favorite tune simple and fun!
• Flash drives – Sometimes it’s easier to save documents and share them via a flash drive, particularly if you’re having issues with Wi-Fi and there is a looming deadline.
• Printer – A simple printer, copier and scanner in your room make things much easier.