There was a lot happening in the world as reported by the JN on Sept. 11, 1942.  First, it was time to wish everyone Happy New Year 5703. The message for the New Year — “Peace Through Victory” — was a reminder of the main issue on everyone’s mind that year.

The editorial noted that 5702 was a “year of sorrow,” and although there were many challenges ahead, there was hope. The Stars and Stripes were still flying high around the world.

I think the phrase “challenges ahead” might be one of the most used phrases in political history. Candidates for office often cite the challenges ahead. In 1942, however, this phrase was certainly warranted. This was the decisive year of World War II.

Inside the JN were many interesting articles. There was Philip Slomovitz’s “Purely Commentary Column for Rosh Hashanah” on the nature of Jewish leadership in the New Year. On page six, there was an extensive essay by Dr. Stephen S. Wise of United Jewish Appeal titled “Looking into the Future: The Role of the Vital Jewish Agencies in the War and Reconstruction Period.” Both pieces reflect one important point — planning for the future. World War II was raging in Europe and the Pacific, but these authors were hopeful and looking to a better time … and a victory.

You might also look at the advertisement for Borden’s milk on the same page as the latter essay. The famous Borden mascot, “Elsie the Cow,” was urging all mothers to have their children drink a quart of milk a day from the dairy’s many varieties. While I do like milk, I must admit that “Softkurd” milk does not sound appealing

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