Herb and Tedd Handelsman

A time-honored family name and reputation that have always meant only the best of service to so many communities is celebrating the 18th anniversary of a strong presence in the maintenance of good health.

Father and son, Herb and Tedd Handelsman, are the wonderful “help everyone” brains behind the Better Health Market & Café operations that are drawing unlimited amounts of accolades … Another son, Jon, makes up the family managerial presentations.
From the original 1999 store in Walled Lake, Better Health Market & Café operations now includes 14 locations, mainly in Metropolitan Detroit … Three main ones on the northwest are the flagship on Grand River between Novi Road and Meadowbrook, Novi … West 13 Mile at Southfield Road, Beverly Hills, and Telegraph, near Square Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills.
A breathtaking visit to the flagship store in Novi revealed the presence of more than 10,000 items from fresh health food selections to eat at the 30-seat indoor café or carry-out, to a fresh salad bar to untold amounts of fresh soups and delicious gluten-free, sugar-free, wheat-free items, etc. … along with carefully selected bottles of vitamins, supplements and other award-winning good health assistants … Building your own sandwich, tuna wrap, turkey and brie, chicken salad wrap, healthy health bar, etc.

Health food fraud has been prevalent for hundreds of years with some preying on people with false promises of helping to lose weight to “curing” health conditions … It is so good to have a wonderful name like Handelsman to depend on … The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is a careful watchdog of health scamming, but can do only so much in its policing of these dangerous scams … This is a reason why a good operation like Better Health Market & Café is so important.
It is notable, too, that Better Health has as its executive chef someone with vast experience … Jozef McDiarmid recently headed the kitchen at Novi Chophouse after being executive chef six years at Nino Salvaggio in Troy and before that as sous chef at Papa Joe’s.
Jozef’s best sellers at BH for dine-in or carry-out are the various styles of salmon, the natural rotisserie chickens, tuna salad, Kale quinoa salad, fresh chicken salads, etc. … Also, many healthy dishes not available anywhere other than at Better Health … An orange miso-glazed salmon goes over big plus numerous bakery items and other fresh selections … Also, dishes made upon request … His Norwegian Salmon Roulade stuffed with spinach and feta cheese is a standout.
The Better Health Food Market and Café stores are open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Yes, health food and sundry stores by persons with high reputations are of major importance … Those by Herb and son Tedd personify the confidence and trust needed by consumers who must always be on the lookout for scam operations in the constant battle against them … Indeed, the Michigan family name of Handelsman is a very good one.
LOCAL RESTAURANT OWNERS bemoaned the leaving this area by Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, who opted not to exercise his special clause of vetoing any trade for his services… and instead went to the Houston Astros … Verlander would have been a huge help with the young Detroit Tigers’ pitching staff … Houston has some good restaurants that he and fiancée model Kate Upton will enjoy … Especially her big favorite food, sushi, at upscale Japanese restaurants there like Kona Grill, Miyako, etc.
FAVORITE RESTAURANTS of Yesteryears … From Jerry Naftaly … “Among my favorites were the Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlors. I remember going frequently in the 1970s to the one on Southfield Road, among others. The interior was in Tiffany style with hanging lamps; employees wore straw hats and 1900-era clothing and garters like in the Gay Nineties.
Tabloid-style newspaper menus had hand-drawings filled with food items and Farrell’s history. A candy and gift shop was dedicated to penny candy of all kinds. Not particularly known for food, it offered hamburgers, franks and salads among others. But the main reason to go was for their own special ice cream and novel presentations like ‘The Zoo’ or a ‘Pig’s Trough’ and earning a badge or ribbon to brag, ‘I made a Pig of Myself at Farrell’s.’
During lunch, it could be difficult sometimes to hear over the three or four celebrations going on with the Farrell’s crew surrounding the tables singing “Happy Birthday,” banging bass drums and making a lot of noise.”
REARVIEW MIRROR … When show biz folks appearing hereabouts, plus many local residents, appreciated the hours of Milt and Phyllis Tyner’s Checker Bar-B-Q on Livernois … 11 a.m. to dawn the next day … and entertainment starting at 2:30 a.m.
OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Waiter to customer, “We have everything on the menu today, sir.” And the customer exclaiming, “So I notice. Now give me a clean one.”
CONGRATS … To Louise Abrams on her birthday … To Mort Plotnick on his birthday … To Bruce Milen on his birthday … To Neal Rubin on his birthday … To Jim and Karen Wechsler on their 37th anniversary …To Arthur and Gina Horwitz on their 39th anniversary … (Errata, congrats are to Susan Sitron not Citron on her 60th birthday.)

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