The Comprehensive Jewish and Civil Calendars: 2001 to 2240

Just in time for the Jewish High Holidays, author Fred Reiss has published The Comprehensive Jewish and Civil Calendars 2001 to 2240, a revised, expanded, and reformatted version of his 1986 Jewish-calendar book, The Standard Guide to the Jewish and Civil Calendars, 1899 to 2050.

At present, the internet hosts numerous websites related to the Jewish calendar, some displaying entire months or even years, while others showing religious dates far into the future. Websites exist that convert Jewish dates into civil dates, and vice versa, and there are smart-phone apps doing the same thing. Yet, there is no single-source website, or app, giving hundreds of years of corresponding Jewish and civil dates side-by-side, allowing for personalization of the calendars, together with important religious and secular holiday information.

The Comprehensive Jewish and Civil Calendars: 2001 to 2240 furnishes religious, civil, federal, and Israeli holidays, including the North-African Jewish holiday Mimouna; Sigd, the holiday celebrated by Ethiopian Jews; and the most recent Israeli public holiday, Yom Ha-Aliyah, adopted by the Knesset in 2016. Also cited in the calendars are the weekly Torah and haftarah readings, fast days, Rosh Hodesh and the twenty-eight-year Machzor Hagadol celebrations, shemittah and hakhel years, birth and death of Moses and Rebbe, and candle-lighting times. There is ample space to keep notes and a special section to document important family events, such as births, deaths, and marriages.

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