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“War Time Message to Jews of Detroit” – 1942 JN Headline

The dominant story in the Oct. 2 issue of the JN was carried over from the last issue, which was funding for the War Chest. The entire front page was a message from Abraham Srere, president of the Jewish Welfare Federation of Detroit, the forerunner of today’s Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.

The message from Srere was straightforward: Join 11 Jewish agencies to support the “greatest campaign in the history of Detroit.” The goal was to raise $5.8 million for the local War Chest. Inside, the JN editorial and a guest editorial by illustrious Jewish Detroiter Fred Butzel focused on the efforts of usually rival organizations to pull together to fund the War Chest.

But, inside this issue of the JN was another story to like. It was reported that 14-year-old Harriet Latt had published some music in a book called A Child’s Music Hour. The article also noted that the Detroit Public Library had purchased a copy and would exhibit it at its Children’s Festival at the Main Library that fall. Bravo!

And, just under that story was another Schmidt’s Beer advertisement. In the past, I’ve noted that Schmidt’s ads had discussed the company’s support for tanks, battleships and airplanes. Not operating them while drinking beer, mind you. In this particular advertisement, the focus shifted to the homefront: “War Worker’s Wives: A Lot Depends on You.” In short, the ad suggests, one of the best ways to support a war worker and maintain his morale was to offer him a Schmidt’s beer when he comes home. Obviously, this was just as important as, say, lesser tasks such as raising funds for the War Chest.

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