Having finally passed the initial stages of time, another much-awaited restaurant has at last reached the opening period results that so many people have awaited … The stage that only time can give.

Following the crossed fingers of many, the eagerly anticipated Joe Muer Seafood, Bloomfield Hills, has been open long enough to receive its first report card marking … and it is a good one.

Of course, opening in the highly accepted footsteps of an already-proven Downtown Detroit twin sibling (Renaissance Center, Detroit) is a huge advantage … But there are no absolute perfect clones in the restaurant business … Each setting in many ways must stand on its own two feet, so to speak.

Located at the former Kingsley Inn site, Woodward, just south of Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, with its own entrance, the second Joe Muer Seafood is already receiving many accolades in what many are saying is easily among the best seafood restaurants in Michigan … This along with a wonderful workforce and most accommodating staff.

Dominic, Rosalie and Joe Vicari












There is so much to enjoy at the strikingly beautiful Joe Muer Seafood of Bloomfield Hills … And much reminiscence of yesteryears with excellent servers like smilingly lovely Courtney Card, who also spent 80 hours of training the Joe Vicari way … Maitre ’d/Sommelier John Patrus, former five-year general manager at the Golden Mushroom, who brought back wonderful days at the Golden Mushroom by helping remove dishes from the diner’s left like I have seldom seen since those delightful GM visits … Hot towels after dining, presented to customers by Courtney and other servers … as well as their deboning our very tasty Dover Sole with elegant deftness and, if desired, fork-squeezing lemon juice (your server or one of the five managers and General Manager Dan O’Conner will tableside debone either the Dover Sole or Mediterranean Branzino) … Adjourning to the piano bar room for listening to playing of standards … which are outstanding presentations seven evenings, 4 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. … Back to our table for the excellent selection prepared by a Joe Muer Seafood pastry chef and coffee, tea, wine, etc.

The deboning and other salient ways of customer-pleasing under the watchful eyes of Joe, wife Rosalie and managing partner/son Dominic, in themselves, are priceless attention-getters.

The hungry visitor doesn’t stay that way long … After being seated, a basket of breads, crackers, etc., is immediately brought with a delicious white pinto bean salad … Also, beautiful selections of lobster bisque with chunks of lobster or creamy mushroom soup and creamed spinach or stewed tomatoes … The dress code that some people may have mistakenly read is centered on casual comfort at all times … And two large counters are heaped with what you would expect from a choice raw bar well-stocked with mouth-waterers like Oysters Rockefeller, crab cakes, shrimp, calamari, etc. … And a seated Japanese gentleman constantly preparing and finishing off fresh sushi favorites of many tastes.

Complete restaurant seating is 279 including the overly large bar and private dining for up to 70 people … Open Monday-Friday 11:30-11; Friday, 11-12; Saturday 4-12; Sunday brunch 10-3; Sunday dinner 4-9 … Happy Hours in lounge only Monday-Friday 4-6.

My initial visit to the new Joe Muer Seafood of Bloomfield Hills was a booming success that easily reminded me of many great days past … It was … without question … one of my better upscale seafood dining experiences.

IF SHE IS AFRAID he will take over their kitchen at home, unless he has already done so, Eleanor Aronovitz has plenty to worry about … Hubby Dr. Leonard Aronovitz may be listed among America’s top surgeons, but the hair transplant, etc., half of Tessler & Aronovitz is also quite the guy with food … Many who were at the three-month-ago pre-opening of Joe Muer Seafood in Bloomfield Hills learned that the wicker appetizer baskets decorated with veggies were made by him for friend Joe Vicari … Leonard loves to prepare fish cartuffle “like my bubbie made,” he says … along with poached perch in garlic butter, pickled salmon with onions, liver and onions, frittata, pasta with garlic clam sauce, short ribs, slow smoked spare ribs and oodles of other specialties … “Eleanor and I love Italian food, but I can’t make anything as well as our local pros,” says Leonard … and Eleanor says, “Wanna bet?”

FIFTH RESTAURANT by George Lukaj may hopefully be open before the year is up … Name will be Midtown Tavern and will take over the former 7,000-foot, 250-seat Papa Vino on Coolidge, south of Maple, Troy … His other four dining spots are Georges, Grand Tavern, Fifth Tavern and Village Palace.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE SHORTIES … Customer, “What’s this in my soup?” Waitperson, “Don’t ask me, sir. I don’t know one insect from another.” … Customer to head waiter, “By the way, did that fellow who took our orders leave any family?” … “Waiter, help! My tablecloth is on fire!” Waiter, “Sorry, sir, this is not my station.”

CONGRATS … To Marion Grant on her birthday … To Sam and Dorothy Essick on their 69th anniversary.

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