Walk the halls of Hillel Day School today and you will find students designing sukkot using iPads, debating the minimum wage, playing math games on the floor and growing sprouts in the school’s greenhouse.

But while the learning has changed with advances in technology and educators’ better understanding of the brain and the multiple ways in which children learn, much of Hillel remains the same, from the hallmark warmth of the teachers to its unwavering commitment to delivering an outstanding Jewish and general education to Jews in metropolitan Detroit.

The past, present and future will be celebrated on Friday, Nov. 24, when the school hosts an Alumni Reunion Breakfast, its first event to honor the school’s 60th year. Alumni and their families, as well as past teachers and administrators, are all invited to the school to reconnect with classmates and faculty, enjoy breakfast and tour the newly renovated spaces that have transformed the building for today’s students.

“Hillell was founded in 1958 by families determined to educate and mold well-rounded American Jews by giving them an outstanding general and Jewish education, regardless of financial needs,” said Steve Freedman, Hillel’s current head of school. “We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. Today, Hillel is one of the oldest non-yeshivah day schools in the United States; a milestone in itself, especially at a time when many day schools across the country have closed.

“Hillel’s place in our community, and its strength at 60 are the direct result of the collective efforts — the sweat, tears, hard work and financial commitments made by all of those who came before us and by those who are serving the school now,” Freedman said. “We hope all alumni will join us to pay tribute to our past and to help us look forward to the next 60 years.”

Gabriella Burman Special to the Jewish News


The Alumni Reunion Breakfast will take place at Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills on Friday, Nov. 24, at 10 a.m. RSVP to ashaffren@hillelday.org.

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