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What’s Happening in Detroit – Title of an article from 1942

This week, maybe we try to forget about the unforgettable — the War — for just a moment and look at the home front and cultural affairs in Detroit. There were many items to consider in the Oct. 9, 1942, issue of the JN.

First, the great Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff was coming to town to give a recital at the Masonic Temple. You could buy your tickets at the Grinnell Brothers music store in Detroit. This would be one of his last major performances. Rachmaninoff died on March 20, 1943, at age 70.

And, this same week, another type of performer declared he was suspending his work for the duration of the war. Before there was TV or video cameras, or before there was an internet, there was George Pierott and his World Adventure Series at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Pierott’s work was simple: Show a film on a foreign land and sit with a commentator, usually the filmmaker, and discuss that part of the world. The World Adventure Series continued at the DIA until 1979 and was a popular local television show from 1948 until 1976.

Finally, the City Committee of the Jewish National Workers’ Alliance announced that Bronislaw Huberman, world-famous violinist and founder of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, would perform at the Masonic Temple on Nov. 29. The show would also feature “Emma Shever.” This may be an error (not that the JN ever made an error over the last 75 years!!). I’ve searched without luck for an “Emma Shever” who would have performed in Detroit in the 1940s. I’m thinking this is a misspelled reference to local and international Jewish singer Emma Schaver, who did indeed earn many headlines and accolades during her career.

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