The school year is almost here, and so are the parenting challenges that go along with it. With trying to shepherd your child to-and-from school, and forcing them to do homework once they’re home, it seems like the constant struggle that never ends. Plus your child’s disobedience certainly isn’t helping.

Situations below are all too common:

• You tell your child to go do her homework in their room. Half an hour later, not only have they not completed their homework, but now they’re hitting their sibling while fighting over the iPad.

It might seem your child is making your life hard on purpose by refusing to listen. However, although their disobedience could be willful, it could also be a sign of a brain imbalance causing a processing issue. According to the education advocates at Brain Balance Achievement Centers [] a holistic, drug-free approach to addressing behavioral, social, and learning difficulties, there are five crucial signs to look for in figuring out if your child’s misbehavior is a sign of something more.

  1. Defiance

If your child often doesn’t listen to your explicit instructions or refuses to obey other authority figures, it might point to common disruptive behavior disorders like ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Conduct Disorder. Maybe your child isn’t disobeying—they just can’t focus.

  1. Inattention

If your child continually struggles to concentrate or moves from one task to the other without completing any, this might be a sign of ADHD.

  1. Physical Aggression

All children throw occasional tantrums. But if your child is overly aggressive—throwing excessive tantrums or initiating negative interactions with other children—they might have CD.

  1. Blaming Others

It’s normal for children to want to avoid getting in trouble. What you should look out for is a tendency to shirk responsibility or refuse to own up to their mistakes.

  1. Antisocial Behavior

Severe antisocial behavior (violation of social rules and disregard for the feelings of others) can often lead to a diagnosis of CD or ODD.

The beginning of the school year is the best time to catch these signs.  If caught early and addressed, you can set your child up to succeed for the rest of the year.  If your child struggles with one of these very common conditions, their apparent disobedience could actually be the first step in helping them on a path to a lifetime of achievement.

Parents with whom these signs resonate can take this simple online assessment:

Provided by Brain Balance Centers