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Seventy-five years ago, fundraising for the War Chest once again dominated the front page of the Oct. 16, 1942, issue of the JN. The main image for the front page was a copy of a letter, an appeal for support for the War Chest from Detroit Mayor Edward Jeffries. There was also a guest editorial from Irving Blumberg, co-chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Division of the Metropolitan Detroit War Chest, urging support for the same.

At this point in World War II, these types of solicitations for community funding for the war effort were standard features in the JN or, for that matter, in all other Detroit media. All Jews and Detroiters were urged to do their part to win the war.

And it wasn’t just adults who supported the cause. On page 10, there was a story about Sheldon David Schubiner, who would have his bar mitzvah service that Saturday. Schubiner let it be known that he did not want gifts. Instead, he urged folks to give to the United Jewish Appeal.

In respect to the aftermath of the war, I thought this issue of the JN held a brief, but important item. The sub headline was “Roosevelt Message Praises Zionists.” In short, Roosevelt sent a message to the delegates of the concurrent conventions of the Zionist Organization of America and Hadassah, which had opened in New York. The message noted the substantial contribution to the war effort from those in Palestine, and that the two organizations at the convention could take great credit for this. Of course, the state of Israel was still six years away from being established, but the groundwork was being laid for its founding.