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In the columns I’ve been writing since March, I’ve explored the big stories from 75 years ago in the JN. There were big stories in every issue, to be sure, but there are also many short items that make up the news of the day. So, this week, for a change, let me provide you with a veritable buffet of topics of interest.

Here we go. The front page, once again, emphasized the War Chest, but the difference in this issue is that leading Jewish Detroiter Fred Butzel wrote the story. On page 3, the whole page is devoted to “What’s Happening in Detroit,” which included items on Congressman John Dingell Sr.’s assistance to refugee children from France, war bond drives by Jewish organizations and Dr. Noah E. Aronstam of Detroit asking the question: “Do Jews Read the Bible?”

Page 7 had a brief item about three lucky Jewish Detroiters — Aaron Rosenberg, Sam Weisman and Julius Wagman — who were selected to attend a dinner in New York with Albert Einstein.

On page 4, the Op-Ed page, opinions included “Liberals and Zionism,” which discussed support or lack of for Jews in Palestine, and “Saving the Children,” an essay regarding efforts of Canada, the Dominican Republic and the United States to save thousands of children from Europe, many of whom were Jewish. There was also bad news on Page 14: “Panic Grips Jews as Nazis Strike in Denmark and Norway.”

You might also want to look at the photographs on page 20 that illustrate the good works of the United Jewish Appeal.

But my favorite item is the Danny Raskin poem on page 17: “When Hitler’s Goose is Cooked.” It foretells the future and ends with this line: “Then hearts will cheer and birds will sing, when Hitler’s goose we cook.” Amen!

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