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A new business started this past summer is taking off by helping luxury brand companies find new customers in the ever-growing online retail marketplace.

Andrew Landau

According to Andrew Landau, founder of Jewel, he developed his company to allow people to shop his site for luxury items and get cash back on each purchase, and for premium outlets to acquire new clients.

“E-commerce is the future of retail,” said the 31-year-old native of West Bloomfield and University of Michigan graduate. “The convenience, cost savings and selection are unrivaled compared to offline shopping. Luxury retailers realize customers go online to evaluate, research and purchase everything they need — including luxury items. At Jewel, we provide brands a safe space while at the same time offering a small incentive to allow customers to shop at their stores.

“Brands work with Jewel to reach new incremental customers,” Landau continued. “It’s a win for everyone — customers save money and retailers get new customers, without diluting their brand image.”

The enthusiastic young entrepreneur, who with wife, Judy, recently relocated from New York back to Metro Detroit, is no stranger to the working world. At 7, he started Carnival Extravaganza, a concession catering business, which he ran throughout his teenage years. He also led business development for, worked as an account executive at Google and founded Chalkfly, an e-commerce school supply startup.

His latest venture, Jewel, based in Detroit’s Grand Circus Park, is already making its mark among premium merchandisers, including Lacoste, Rebecca Minkoff and Tory Burch. Landau noted that while Jewel originally focused on fashion and health and beauty products, he’s recently added home brands as well.

“Jewel is already working with more than 150 brands, up from 50 brands in June,” he added.

Landau said he and his team of five reach out to premium merchandisers to connect them with consumers and then Jewel puts the retailers’ information on its site.

“Jewel customers earn a predetermined amount of cash back on every purchase they make,” he said. “Retailers pay us a commission for referring them business, and we pass the majority back to customers.”

Landau wants to credit his parents, “who gave me a strong foundation of tzedakah and giving back to the community,” he added. “Our customers don’t pay a membership fee — no strings attached — they just get cash back from every purchase. In addition, Jewel gives a portion of each sale to charity, including the Empowerment Plan, a Detroit-based nonprofit focused on helping families break the cycle of homelessness.”

While noting that his company is still in its early stages, his outlook for the future, including bringing more talented people into his team, is certainly bright.

“We’ve only scratched the surface on the partners we work with and the technology we plan to implement to make it seamless for customers to save money on all their luxury purchases,” Landau said. “I moved back to Detroit to be part of the Jewish community and to be surrounded by some of the best business leaders in the country. I’m grateful for the opportunity to start a business in Detroit and want to be an example of the opportunity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit this community offers.

“There’s no better time to be here, and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!”

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