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Sam and Moe Leon

A never-forgotten spirit that has become an annual dining ritual for two brothers who turned their “Thank You, America” into not just words but true heartfelt reality … will soon happen again.
This will be the 28th year of “Thank You, America” by Sam Leon, owner of Leon’s Family Dining, Michigan Avenue, between Outer Drive and Telegraph, Dearborn … and Moe Leon, owner of Moe’s on Ten, 10 Mile Road, just west of Haggerty, Novi.
Like every year, the day before official Thanksgiving Day … (this year Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, Nov. 23) … from 3-8 p.m. … Sam and Moe give fervent thanks to America with action, not lip service, through their wonderful annual gesture of a free complete seven-course Thanksgiving dinner for everyone!
Not only the needy or homeless or aged or handicapped … every person, single or married, regardless of race, color, religion or age … or whoever makes up this great country of ours … no charge!
From 3-8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 22, this ultra-fine gesture by Sam and Moe is again both at the Leon’s Family Dining Dearborn flagship restaurant only … and Moe’s on Ten … Between the two brothers on this day each year, they usually go through more than 600 turkeys, 500 pounds of potatoes, five cases of cranberry sauce, 400 gallons of chicken noodle soup, 50 cases of green beans, etc.
No gimmick, folks … nothing to buy or sell … Free dinners include turkey, stuffing, homemade chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, soft drink and bread.
It would ordinarily be a nice gesture just to offer a complete Thanksgiving dinner at a small charge or free to only the needy and homeless … but free for everyone in America? … Totally unheard of!
When Sam and Moe came to this country from Syria in the 1970s to learn trades and hopefully find jobs, little did they realize how much America would actually mean for them and later also their families … and their thanks are not mere hollow words … but an actual, very meaningful annual gesture of giving back.
Action speaks louder than words in the cases of brothers Sam and Moe Leon … who have also found that America itself is so very proud of people like them, too!
MANY GOOD RESTAURANTS in Los Angeles, San Francisco or thereabouts, but going to Nate & Al Delicatessen in Los Angeles is always a treat … However, still employees who make scrambled eggs with corned beef scrapings … Too bad they don’t follow the ways of the deli’s founders … Like when Nate Mendelsohn and Al Reimer used to work at Boesky’s on 12th Street years ago … making corned beef and eggs like they should … with full slabs of corned beef … Steven Spielberg loved to go to his late mother Leah Adler’s kosher Milky Way deli on Pico Blvd. in L.A. for his favorite dish, fried smelts … Many fine restaurants in California, but for barrister there Jeff Metzger, he’ll take his own cooking … and that by his wife, Lisa.
REARVIEW MIRROR … Many people used to think that Uncle Harry’s Deli on Mack Avenue, Detroit, was also owned by Sam Boesky when he had Darbys … But they were only close … It was bossed by Harry Meltzer, whose sister, Edna, was married to Sam … By the way, few knew that when Darbys originally opened, Sam’s partners were Nate and Jack Lurie, his Wrigley Supermarket brother owners next door … Sam later bought them out.
OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Fellow goes into a very fancy restaurant. At the door, the manager says, “I’m very sorry sir, but we require that you must wear a tie while dining in our establishment.”
The fellow walks back to his car and looks for his tie. He checks the front seat, back seat, under the seats, glove compartment and the trunk, but can’t find his tie. Finally, he lifts up the spare tire and sees a pair of jumper cables. The fellow figures, what the heck, and wraps the cables around his neck, ties a nice knot, pulls it up to his collar and tucks the ends into his trousers.
He walks back into the restaurant and the manager says, “What in the world is that?”
The guy explains he has always wanted to try this restaurant and is very hungry, so used his car jumper cables for a tie.
The manager looks him up and down and says, “Well, OK, you can come in, but don’t start anything!”
CONGRATS … To Allan Grundy on his 87th birthday … To Merle Kahn on his birthday … To Wanda Sumner on her birthday … To Alice Rhodes on her birthday … To Joe and Lois Sposita on their 63rd anniversary.

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