Its only change is to the name, J Bird Smoked Meats, taking over the former Yard Bird comfort food restaurant while celebrating its third anniversary.

Jeremy and Paula Grandon

Same owners of one-time upscale Jeremy eatery, former Yard Bird and now J Bird are still husband-and-wife owners Jeremy and Paula Grandon … And at the same locale on Cass Lake Road, Keego Harbor.
A recent visit to the newly named J Bird was very enlightening and revealed an even better easy-going dining experience than before to accompany the new name.
Many may remember a time when men wouldn’t think of going to a fine dining restaurant without a tie or jacket … and women would never be seen at a high-end eatery wearing slacks or a stick-out blouse.
And certified executive chefs like Jeremy Grandon, a former graduate from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America, would prepare elegant items of cuisine.
But Jeremy and Paula eventually saw the writing on the wall … and were quick to redirect his talents.
That feeling among them and others has grown stronger than ever … as comfort food and relaxed easy wear have taken the culinary world by storm, and dishes like meat loaf, beef short ribs, smoked turkey breast, appetizer of burnt brisket ends, fried chicken, barbecued ribs, best-sellers of beef brisket or Nashville hot chicken, etc., done the Jeremy and Paula way are now the ordered norm.
Among the big sellers is its very popular J Burger that is a favorite takeover item from the 12 years as Jeremy.
Many places like J Bird have increased their orders from purveyors since casual dining has taken a tremendous hold on the purse strings of many.
Seating at J Bird is about 80, plus 15 stools at the bar and outdoor seating with heaters for another 50.
Among Chef Jeremy’s culinary talents are six barbecue sauces on all tables … and the ability to make anything requested as long as he’s given proper notice.
Also, a very important point is the always on-premises owners … Jeremy in his beloved kitchen and Paula conducting the front area with the dedicated precision and care of a doting mother … Her gracious ways are extremely pleasant and knowing her business has made many people happy.
Plus its regular lunch and dinner hours, brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday until 2 p.m.
Also new at J Bird is a full-service catering ability that takes in groups of any size … and has its own separate name of J Bird Catering.
A careful look around noticed something having nothing to do with food or service … It is the spotless cleanliness that continues to bring Jeremy and Paula so much pride … Plus a dedicated goodness to their fine service staff members who are full of smiles and fast efficiency.
MAIL DEPT. … “This year, as part of an annual tradition of West Bloomfield restaurants giving some of their income to the West Bloomfield Library, was the Lodge restaurant on Orchard Lake Road. I had my usual Greek salad and it was wonderful. My son, Udi, a pediatrician-actor, enjoyed his cherry turkey burger, which he said was to him lighter and tastier, yet as filling, as a regular burger. Another son, Avi, a board member and library worker, had a delicious Reuben. Also with us was Ken Macon, a member of the library board, who loved his Lodge Burger with fries. We hope other restaurants will do this for a portion of the check, too. It means so much in helping this worthy cause.” … Rachel Kapen.
READER REMEMBRERS … From Dennis Green … “I was only 8 years old when introduced to Chinese food at Atlantic Gardens. It was next to the Avalon Theater on Linwood, and then the problem began. What to have? Everything looked so good. But I will never forget my first choice of shrimp with lobster sauce and still make it one of my favorite orders.”
REARVIEW MIRROR … The Hawaiian tiki figure at the entrance of a couple of Downtown Detroit spots sometimes got more attention than the place … Legend had it that rubbing its belly brought good luck … One customer rubbed it too hard and the doorstop fell and broke his foot … Lou Glickoff bought his girlfriend a miniature one as a remembrance after both rubbed it and were married.
OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Man: “Do you serve breakfast here?”
Waitress: “Sure. What’ll it be?”
Man: “Let me have watery scrambled eggs, burnt toast and weak, lukewarm coffee.”
Waitress: “Whatever you say, sir.”
Man: “Are you doing anything while that order is going through?”
Waitress: “Why, sir?”
Man: “Please sit here and nag me awhile. I’m feeling homesick.”
CONGRATS … To Sari Cicurel on her birthday … To Eugene Applebaum on his birthday … To Joe Sposita on his birthday … To Ken Goss on his birthday.

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