Bronislaw Huberman

Seventy-five years ago, it was a busy week for Detroit Jews, according to the Nov. 27, 1942, issue of JN. There was the usual news of the war, of course, but on the home front, there were a number of events to consider.

A story on page 5 noted that it was time to celebrate Jewish Book Week. This was the predecessor of the Jewish Community Center’s 2017 Book Fair held earlier this month. The story boasted of Jewish books in three languages: Hebrew, Yiddish and English. There were books for everyone.

Another short article and photo celebrated a donation of $5,700 — a good sum in 1942 — to the War Chest from the employees and administration of the Federal Engineering Co. The photo showed its president, David M. Levine, handing a check to Fred M. Butzel, vice-president of the War Chest. This fundraising earned Federal Engineering the coveted “E” Flag, which was given to those organizations that made significant contributions to the war effort through purchase of War Bonds.

On the cultural front, there was a story about a famous violinist from Palestine giving his second concert in Detroit: “Bronislaw Huberman Given Royal Welcome by Zionists of Detroit.” Huberman is also remembered for founding the Palestine Philharmonic (now known as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) and, through this medium, provided an escape from the Nazis for nearly 1,000 European Jews. He was also famous for having his violin, the “Huberman Stradivarius,” stolen twice during his lifetime. Talk about bad luck!

And, on the editorial page, the political cartoon stated that it was a good start to Thanksgiving week. Hope your Thanksgiving was festive and fun

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