When one journey ends, another begins.

It is with these words in mind that I look back on 29 years with the Jewish News and realize that I have almost equaled my first career choice, teaching. I retired on a Friday and was hired to begin at the JN as a proofreader the next Monday.

I remember reading many ads and trying to keep advised on the sometimes “peculiar” requests of the clients. (One made up her own capitalization; one insisted on her own sentence structure, no matter how incomplete.)

In addition to reading proof pages, I helped Mr. Slomovitz set up his editorial opinion pages, choosing art and suggesting a layout. This quiet, knowledgeable man had a great influence on my outlook of newspaper work.

One assignment that I really enjoyed was creating a short column called Looking Back. (These days, that has developed into Mike Smith’s wonderfully observant column drawing from our archives as well as a historic photo.) When my sources, our bound volumes, were affected by the fire in February of 2002, I was devastated.

Many of my more joyous moments have come from editing and publishing the milestone announcements. It is heartening to get calls from people who say that they submitted a birth announcement to me and now that young person is becoming a bar/bat mitzvah. Or when parents announce engagements and then, a few years later, those newlyweds are sending me announcements of their major anniversaries.

I have written columns along the way. I did one on a chocolate tasting class at OU as well as travel articles on my visits to Montreal and Australia. (No, the paper did not send me there; but they allowed me to share my vacations with the community.) Hopefully, many readers are now familiar with my monthly observations of our language: its use and abuse.

I am truly proud to remain a part of the JN family as we mark our 75th year of serving the Jewish community.